9.0.5 patch size?

Hi I am using my phones hot spot temporarily and its limited to 15gb per month I have to download large files at my coffee shops wifi. I tried to find this on my own but was unable to, does anyone know the size of the 9.0.5 patch?



that makes no sense its not 2kb lol

It won’t even be a whole GB. There’s almost nothing in the patch.

thanks but does anyone know its exact size

We won’t know until Tuesday morning.

I changed my launcher settings to not download future patchs for now ill just run to my coffee shop on tuesday and get it there protect my hotspot limit

That is the only internet I can get where I live. It totally sucks too cuz once you use up that 15gb it goes down to like 2800 baud modem speeds. And these days 15gb isn’t anything. Heck one patch on a game which requires you to download the whole thing again can be 30-40 gb by itself.

The patch size is about 2gig, BUT…

The download is under 500mb. (Since the download is compressed then uncompressed on your PC)

I verified this via a download meter on my internet connection.