9/9m us 8th incarnate recruiting


Incarnate 9/9M, now on Tichondrius is seeking skilled raiders. Our post here details several of the guilds highlights and what to expect from us. For more information add one of our officers near the bottom. Fill any applications out at incarnate-guild . com/.

Immediate Class openings:
-Feral Druid
-Exceptional Ranged DPS
-Exceptional Healer

Raid days/time:
Monday-Thursday, 8:30 Est - 12:30 Est

As always, we recruit individuals if they meet our standards and are always open to exceptional players of any of the classes even if not listed above. We value the skill of a player over the class, but do realize that sometimes classes are a must to beat an encounter. Therefore, we try to balance our roster to tackle any and all encounters that are thrown at us.

Our highest interest is for the classes listed above. However, if you are a skilled, dedicated raider, do not hesitate to apply or contact us, as we always look to strengthen our roster with players of such qualities. If you join, you are here to raid, we do not recruit for the bench.

You can also reach any of the recruiting officers for any questions:

Courser = Courser#1907
Sepe = Sepe#1178

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