9/9M US 64 Late Night Weekends LF RANGED DPS & MORE!

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Friday, Saturday & Sunday
9:00 PM - 12:45AM PST (12:00AM - 3:45AM EST)



We will always strongly consider Ranged Caster DPS of any armor proficiency and higher than average skill level!

We will very seriously consider any and all exceptional players, regardless of class, spec or role. We encourage you to inquire even if we’re not actively pursuing what you play!

Add one of us to bnet if interested and let’s chat!

GM: Avantha#1824
Officer: TheLOOGE#11560


FASTz is a late-night, weekend raiding guild. In our first tier as a guild in Antorus, we sought to achieve top 100 US and were successful.

We’re a casual, semi-hardcore raid group. NO mandatory alts. NO mythic splits. We also aren’t pressing to mimic other established guilds. We have our own proven recipe, one that has turned out successful raid teams over the course of numerous tiers.

The goal is simple: Complete all of current content as effectively and efficiently as possible before the start of a new tier.

Here’s the key: Have fun while doing it. Being in a guild where no one likes anyone else is flat out not fun. Being in a guild where most raiders only log in for raid isn’t fun either. We realize that. So one of our foremost priorities is to cultivate a raid environment that is social, enjoyable and fun but also serious when it needs to be.

The bottom line: We want to create an atmosphere that you want to be a part of, both in and out of raid, while also emphasizing progression raiding. It’s a delicate balance that we will aim to achieve as we make our way through each tier.


An ideal raider must be adept at his or her class, but be willing to accept critique when a situation presents itself. A good attitude is just as important as pressing your buttons well. If you struggle with being a team player, whine about doing mechanics or being benched for composition purposes, and/or complain excessively about strategies or loot, we’re not the guild for you. We’re also not looking for burnouts or raid loggers. We want players who love raiding and playing the game in general.

If you are a player who enjoys WoW, is committed, sociable, reliable, and can handle a mature raiding environment – all while being proficient at your class, then you might be exactly what we’re looking for!


could use 1 more stellar ranged dps to round out our progression core for bfd! let’s chat!


same here tbh

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could use 1 more stellar ranged dps to round out our progression core for bfd! let’s chat

also, a solid healer could round out our progression core really well!


healers please!!

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LF motivated and enthusiastic players, especially priest healers, for BOD progression! HMU today!


healers & ranged!

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goin in for 6/9M this weekend!


5/9… Rasta gonna get it – tonight!

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rasta down!


disc priest needed big time!

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needs updated! jaina down!


BIG need for DH, Monk healer/dps! Logs/Deep Mythic raid experience required!


Hunter, Warrior DPS! Also, ranged and healers in high demand! HMU!


DH, Warrior, Monk! HMU!


still need dh, war, monk! HMU!


still LF the above!


hippity hoppity!


up we go now


recruiting any and all! need deep mythic xp and logs! inquire today!