9/9M havoc DH LF 2-3 guild


419 Havoc DH 9/9M LF a 2-3 day mythic guild HORDE PREF!! hmu with what you go thanks for your time and enjoy!

(Notdeadýet) #2

would love to chat with you 9/9M raid times t/w/t 8pm est to 11pm we are looking at picking up a DH add my btag if you would like to chat fleet#1643


Guild & Server: <Tabbed Out> [] Bleeding Hollow

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 8:30PM EST - 12:00PM EST

Current Progression: 9/9M BoD (US 261 WCL), 8/8M Uldir (Cutting Edge)

Recruitment Contact: Discord: @Smesus - Bleeding Hollow [H] or @Darkranger - Bleeding Hollow [H] or BTag: Sme#11814. Helper: @Cbegsdh - Bleeding Hollow [H]

Wowprogress: https: www wowprogress com/guild/us/bleeding-hollow/Tabbed+Out

Application: https: bit.ly/2WTFp2V

Requirements: Looking for raiders who have a great attitude, team player and doesn’t just raid log, open minded to feedback and ability to learn from mistakes, willing to sit if necessary for comp. Come join a guild that has a long, steady raiding history of achieving CE each tier.

Needs: Shadow priest, Warlock, Mage, demon hunter, ww monk, disc priest, holy paladin. Any/all exceptional DPS applicants welcome!

(Tygsy) #4


Current Progression: 9/9M US115

13/13M HFC US197
9/9M ToS US 107
11/11M ABT US 168
8/8M Uldir US129

Raid Times
7 PM to 10 PM CST
First 4 Tuesdays of a tier for heroic then optional sales day
7 PM to 10 PM CST


(H)(Illidan)(Duplicity Reborn) Tue/Wed 9-12 CST
Currently trying to form a 3rd raid team within the guild we currently have players who are anywhere from 6/9M to 9/9M (raid lead is one of the people 9/9) looking to push cutting edge in 8.2
Contact: TheWaffleNator#7299 (Discord) ŴǺƑƑĿȄŊȀŦǾȐ#1646 (Bnet)