9/9M experienced prenerf warrior tank LFG

(Atticusw) #1

Longtime tank looking for CE-focused guild. I am looking for a permanent home, not interested in guild hopping.

Recent CE history:
EN: 7/7M CE
NH: 10/10M CE
ABT: 11/11M CE

Uldir: 8/8M CE
BoD: 9/9M CE

Ideal guild will have strong leadership and raiders that love the game and give their all every night. Absolutely willing to transfer and faction change, willing to go alliance too. Only considering CE guilds, really aiming to stay in the top 200 bracket at least. Don’t hesitate to contact me at Atticusw#1578 (Bnet) or Atticusw#2219 (discord), replies to this thread probably won’t be as effective.

Preferred time and days: Anywhere from 7:00 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST. T/W/Th OR T/ Th/Sun. Any combination of days is basically fine so long as it’s within those hours, also willing to do 2 night if the guild is really damn good.