9/9M 414 WW Monk LFG


Currently looking for a new raid guild due to work schedule change. I would prefer to stay Horde but will consider Alliance if the times & progression needs are met.

Raid Times:
Start Time: 8-9PM EST
End Time: 11-12PM EST
Raid Days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Currently in a 2 day weekend guild that finished top 120 US for BoD & will be looking for another guild that has the same progression mindset. The guild had some hiccups at Jaina and was going strong at US top 70-80 for Mekka & Stormwall kills.

I have been playing Monk, as well as all specs of Monk since they released, however I have only seriously been progressing myself in a more hardcore environment since the middle to end of Legion. In the recent raid of BoD I have been highly focused on improving my gameplay & damage in a raid environment.

Below you will find a link to my logs & my wowprogress page:

In a raid environment I would say that I am an above average mechanical player, & a slightly above average parser which I am determined to improve as I believe if you know your class well you should be able to get a minimum of 75%-80% on all fights without attempting to pad.

I am always playing the game, run keys to push score, occasionally do BGs, play alts, etc. And will be looking for a guild that has enough people on frequently to do the above when the end of the tier luls happen.

If you would like any more information you can add my Btag and we can chat: