9/9M 1/2M Raider lf SemiHard or CASUAL guild


Hey! So i Mythic raid on my main in Wildcard Gaming. Looking for a Semi-Hardcore or CASUAL guild that would love to bring a experienced player onto their roster. In WC we day raid the FIRST week of a new mythic tier release, but after that it’s back to normal. I main a rogue with a Boomie / Warlock alt for DPS, and I have a disc priest that I would like to main as my healer alt. Looking for a guild that doesn’t raid at these times:

Tues: 8 - 1 EST
Wed: 9 - 1 EST
Thurs: 8 - 1 EST
Sun: 8 - 1 EST

I’m fine with raiding BEFORE these times, or having a sat/monday raid day as well, doesn’t bother me!

I’ve been known as one of the best assassination rogues in the world, and would like to find a fun guild to heal in. Doesn’t have to be a 9/9m guild, just a guild where everyone’s nice and accepting, and i can flex my schedule with raid releases.


if you would like to contact me my info is here

Discord: StarvingMonkey#7582
Bnet: StarvinMonky#1230

Relevant Progression:
1/2M CoS
9/9M BoD
8/8M Uldir
11/11M Antorus
9/9M ToS
8/10M NH


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