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Is druid gonna be worth after 8.3 with the 10% nerfs?

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It’s a 10% nerf to our dots not overall dps. It won’t make much difference on single target but will hurt multi dotting a bit, but far from making boomkins trash I’m thinking.


Its something we are going to have to see once it goes through. It seems like a bit much but I don’t know what it will be when its in game. Time will tell.

What’s happening in the third major patch of the next expansion?


:smiley: that is a great question. I wonder this myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume they are doing this because there will be a few multi dot fights on the raid. Hence nerfs to spriests too

Honestly they should just mail all us feral druids a jar of vasoline to show us how they really feel about druids. Both my Hunter and Pally have insane burst damage and this 10% may not seem much too some of you but it’s a major hit to those trying to level or even raid because they are not pulling their weight. I ran a raid the other night and 2 well geared ferals were dead bottom last on dps so I has to kick them because it was bad. Don’t get me wrong, I feel really bad for druids because they got hit hard when this last expansion was released and to be truthful the Chinese have really messed this game up since my return to WoW.


Wat? The 10% nerf is to boomy dots.


Literally around 1% nerf to single target and mostly offset by Vision proc buff.


Yeah but the question is if the buff to vision is going to make it more preferable to CLF. With how good CLF is at rank 3, there’s no point in taking vision because it desyncs the cd of incarn/ca. Thus CLF for haste proc+damage and it lines up with incarn/ca.

That’s pretty awful imo

Are you talking troll druid racial? That would matter for them to line things up.

Are you talking desyncing CLF major and Incarn? That is a non-starter as we are talking Visions major (not minor) instead of CLF major.

Side note, there is a new minor essence that reduces the cd of your and other people’s major essence that will desync if you or other members use. It also has no effect on passive majors like Visions.


Huh? I was talking about CLF major because of the massive dps boost it gives and the minor for the damage buff. CLF outsims everything for me, including vision.

Well it honestly won’t matter until there are some reliable sims on the new essences. Don’t know anything right now about vision or the new essences.

How long is the fight that you’re simming for? Whether Vision or Clf is better generally comes down to fight length, so if you’re simming the two with timers that are favorable to Clf, of course it’s going to sim higher.

Anubara wasn’t talking about Visions Minor. She implied Visions major instead of CLF major with the 8.3 buff to Visions. So what desyncing are you talking about? What 3 min cd does taking the Visions major (and therefore minor) desync? You only get 1 major, so you won’t be using CLF in Anubara’s scenario.

CLF major outsims Visions major for me on live by a narrow margin. The assumption is that a 12% proc buff to Visions major will make it better than CLF major in 8.3.

It’s hard to say that it will definitely beat clf, but if the 12% increased proc rate gives you even one extra proc of incarn/ca on a fight, it’s a major dps increase. Mathematically though, it will only average out to an extra proc on every few fights though, and we have no control over which fight(s) you will get that proc on, so we’ll have to see.

If that’s the case, it’s also a huge nerf to Feral just due to how Feral works.

I’d say it’s more likely just focused on M+. They’ve been tuning a lot of things to lower the insane representation of some of the classes. The only one to not get nerfed so far… DH

I think they are more around raid than m+ tbh. Shadow and Boomie aren’t top classes for keys but they pump in raid.

I don’t think there are any feral changes listed, this thread was talking about the 10% nerf to Balance’s Sunfire and Moonfire.