8/8H 410ilvl Resto/Ele Shaman + 410 Arms warrior friend looking for guild together


I am a 410 resto/ele shaman with tons of full clear mythic raid experience in Warlords and Legion (most raid full clear Mythic) as Monk.

I’ve played Ele/Resto Shaman for the last 3 expansions since Legion but haven’t raided as much due to work/time, and focused on M+ where i got keystone hero in shadowlands (all dungeons 20+ or higher)

Currently we’re both around 2500io

Looking for a casual/serious raid guild that clears bosses with a friendly environment that also does Keys on the side. Prefer 2 days.

Alt is a WW monk with 4 set and bis trinkets 410 ilvl currently

My friend is a 410 arms warrior with a 405 ilvl assassination rogue alt with the same raid experience as me.

Please let me know your raid times/progression history and i’ll hit you up on BNET!

Hey wonki. Thrall 8/8H 3/8M tues/weds 930-1230 est looking to fill our roster out for CE push. Hit me up on discord to chat more at kitchenorfist#3042

Hey I think we might be a good fit for you!

Add me on BNET and lets see how it looks for you guys.


Bump still looking for the two of us!

Happy to full play Resto as im more experienced as a healer
or Elemental or swap between the two as needed

If you guys don’t have anything against going horde, we’re currently looking for a dps warrior and flex players.

Fragment-Area52, 2/8M 7/8H, is currently looking for a couple skilled players interested in Mythic raiding. The ultimate goal of this SEMI-HARDCORE raiding guild is to steadily PROGRESS as far into each tier as possible while having FUN playing with each other.


We are looking for exceptional players that understand their class and are capable of following directions when told to do so. Gemmed and enchanted gear is an absolute must; applicants are first looked at through the armory so please log out in your PvE gear. With that being said, the current classes are in demand but all exceptional players are encouraged to apply:

Currently looking for:


Melee DPS
Unholy DK

Ranged DPS
Flex dps/heals


Raid Times
Tues/Weds 8pm-11pm EST
Optional Sunday Alt Run 8pm-11pm EST


Hello Healingdoom!

I thought maybe you might be a good fit for us so I wanted to drop by and tell you a bit about our little family! We are a progressively-minded AOTC Alliance guild on Stormrage, that’s currently looking for more players to add to our roster for DragonFlight. We have 2 progresion teams to choose from! (Raid times for our teams are in the link I’m including)
I’m including the link to our guild information for you to check out if you find an interest to do, as we do have other things going on throughout the week and plan to be adding to that soon! We have something for everyone! If you are interested in learning more about us or have any questions please be sure to contact me! The best way to reach me is on Discord at Byndi#5161. I hope to hear back from you soon and that you have a great night!


Eclipsed-to have deprived (someone or something) of significance, power, or prominence.

Our goal is to achieve the Eclipsing of bosses, M+, Mounts, and every other aspect of the game.

Eclipsed was created by a group of veteran players that want to build a community oriented guild that encompasses all aspects of the game and doing it with other people to achieve our best possible playability. We are recruiting for multiple raid teams, keystones, PVP, and more.


Total Eclipse (AOTC/Mythic)
8/8N 8/8H 1/8M Vault of the Incarnates
Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm EST
Needs: BM/MM Hunter, Warlock, Unholy/Frost DK

Dark Star (AOTC/Mythic)
8/8N 8/8H 2/8M Vault of the Incarnates
Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm EST
Needs: Unholy/Frost DK, Mage, and Balance Druid

Stellar Drift (AOTC/Mythic)
8/8N 7/8H Vault of the Incarnates
Saturday and Sunday 7-10:00pm EST
Needs: DPS/Healer (DPS w/Heals OS or Heals w/DPS OS), Melee DPS (Frost/Unholy DK, Fury Warrior), and Ranged DPS (Elemental Shaman, Mage, Shadow Priest)

Dark Matter (AOTC/Mythic)
7/8H Vault of the Incarnates
Tuesday and Thursday’s 8:30-11:30pm EST
Needs: Tank (Warrior, Pally, Druid), Melee DPS (Warrior, DH, DK), Ranged DPS (Mage, Evoker, Warlock), Heals (Holy Priest, Resto Shaman), DPS w/ tank/heals

Quasar (AOTC Only)
8/8N 2/8H Vault of the Incarnates
Wednesday and Thursday 6:30-8:30pm EST
Needs: Closed

Space Balls (Rated BG Team) Starting Feb. 19, 2023
Sundays 9:30pm EST
Needs: Tank/DPS Flex

In a raider, we expect the will and drive to learn and collaborate, as well as openness to constructive criticism, initiative to research and master your class, and the desire to progress at a moderate pace by

  • bringing a positive attitude. We want mature, goal-oriented, and chill raiders who enjoy raiding and want to be here to have a good time with us.
  • Each minute of raid time is valuable. We need you to be punctual and prepared.
  • We also expect you to know the boss strategies. Fights are a lot less frustrating when everyone is prepared and knows what to do ahead of time. Speaking up and asking a question when you don’t understand a mechanic or strategy is encouraged.

We are also openly recruiting people interested in mythic plus pushing, PVP, achievement runs, random guild events, and etc.


  • Nakkita/Recruiting Lead Discord: Nakkita#7971 BTag: britt2376#1776
  • Swizz/Assistant Recruiter Discord: SwizzNanaz#5766
  • Jay/GM Discord: Whitezilla#0001 BTag: Jussgetit#1891


Bumping - still looking as a pair!

Have an affliction warlock friend that could come as well <3

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Hey there!
I think (A)[KelThuzad] Fjord might be a great fight for all parties involved!!

We are AOTC and have some mythic experience but lacking just a few bodies to prog Mythic VOTI. We are in need of DPS especially ranged to step into mythic and get registered guild kills on our own. We raid 2 nights a week @830 eastern-1130 eastern. HMU to chat more via:
Discord: Cj#4589
Bnet: Ugalde#1160

How’s it going!?! 8/8H 3/8M on [A] Aggramar we raid Tues/Wed 9:00-12:00pm EST. Will have Sennarth down tonight! can happily send logs and tell you a little about us! You can join a bunch of gamer dads! Bangin#11339

Straight Outta Varrock is looking for a main healer and a few DPS for our core progression group into Mythic. We are AOTC and 2/8 M. Our raid times are T/Th 9pm to 12am EST with an alt run on Fridays.

Please feel free to reach out to me in game (k1ngw0rth#1327) or through discord (k1ngw0rth#3729).

Seeking “Semi Hardcore” & “Casual” Gamers for core spots in Raid Team 1, Raid Team 2, RBG Team, and Mythic+ Teams! We cover realm costs for good candidates who want to progress and kick back with a good bunch of people. We’ve been around since 2009, expanding rapidly coming back into DF. Currently 8/8N-7/8H VOTI (AOTC/CE/Warlord RBG focused), we progress fast while keeping things entertaining and chill for everyone to enjoy, speak their mind, and be themselves. We literally laugh at everything, make life-long friends, and people love the community.

Raid Team 1 runs T/Th, 8 PM server (EST) with Monday cleanup / progression.

Raid Team 2 is pushing AOTC recruiting all classes/specs. (Core is 3/4 full raid ready)

High priority classes

  • Healers
  • Ranged DPS
    (S-priest/Mage/Boomkin/Hunter/Ele Sham
  • Meele DPS
    (Enh Shaman/DK/Feral Druid/Ret Paladin)

Seeking a shot caller for main RBG Team. (2100 exp)

My Discord - Epicsauce#5234

Imperfect-Mal’ganis 6/8H is a brand new guild formed by CE players coming back together, is now looking for players to fill out our core roster! We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 9pm - 12am EST. We will NOT extend past those times. We value our time and want to make good use of the 6 hours a week of raid. Cleared up to H Brood on first raid night. Please reach out to Drez#11420 (Bnet)/ Drez#3273 (Discord) with any questions or interest

Biggest needs: 2nd tank/Healers/Cloth & Plate dps but all still apply!

Eclipsed on Stormrage is currently looking for one of our teams!

Cosmic Shift (AOTC/Mythic)
8/8N 7/8H Vault of the Incarnates
Saturday and Sunday 7-10:00pm EST

Contact me if this interests you, we could take all 3 of you Discord: Nakkita#7971 BTag: britt2376#1776

Absurd [H]Stormscale 7/8H - 1/8M

Tuesday 9:30pm -12:30am EST
Thursday 9:30pm - 12:30am EST

We are currently looking to add the following roles to our progression team!
Looking for Solid DPS and one main healer

Most of our guild does mythic plus at minimum to a KSM level. We even have a few push teams created that look to go above and beyond that mark each season. You would not log on throughout the week and ever not see a key group being formed!

BNET: Kapowz#1241
Discord: Kapowz#1063

Hello, Going right on through wants you and your friend to be part of the team. We are currently 7/8H on farm and looking to build up our core roster to eventually go into a few mythic bosses. We are a fun, friendly, and chatty guild. We Raid Wed/Sun 8:30-11:3Est and offer alt night fun fridays. Please add me on discord Skullgore#7019 if you would like to come hang out and chat.

Hey are you still looking?

if so we raid tues/wed 8:30-11:30 current prog is 8/8hc 2/8m working on mythic terros, feel free to msg me

disc:Ylydan#5911 bnet:Gromore#11878

Added a few of you back! Waiting for responses :yum:

Hey! If you all are still looking add me! Creepur#11180

We raid Tue Thurs 9-12 Eastern on A-52. Currently looking for the last few spots to finish AOTC and move into mythic. Discord is Nassh#1996