8/8 normal rashon the immortal blaze vs 6/6 Herioc scythe of the fallen keeper which dps upgrade for sv?

before i use my crest and stone to upgrade the herioc scyhe of the fallen from 4/6 to 6/6 would the 8/8 upgraded normal rashon the immortal blaze still be a slight increase in dps?


myb i am mistaken i can sim the 8/8 rashon wep dropped in normal fyrak but i cant sim the 6/6 herioc schythe becuase mine is only4/6 and i dont want to use my stone and mythic 16 plus crecent to get it to 6/6 just to find out it is a little behind. unless i can sim it aswell? not familiar with simming

you can by using the little plus icon on raidbots top gear when you select the item you want to sim the icon if you click it will show all the different options you can add to your sim.

I think should try to get [Borrowed Time] form Dawn of the Infinite and upgrade it to be mythic quality instead of investing in Scythe of the Fallen Keeper. Once you get Rashon, the Immortal Blaze from Heroic you should not have to worry about your weapon until you kill Fyrakk on mythic.

Why does Survival keep getting weapons with special utilities? Is it cause Hunters got a bow at the start that caused others to argue about?

I hope you are not upset about this, are you? For two expansions in a row, BM and MM have benefited from 2 really good bows, Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky, and Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper; we can also add Sylvannas’s [Dark Ranger’s Quiver. This added to the already terrible reception and bad reputation that the game community has about Survival, makes the spec feel left out. So if Survival can benefit from a good polearm we should all be grateful.

I’m upset that to need to get this polearm after just last one that dropped from Rashok. It either you get the best weapon or just a okay weapon.

Well, ngl the weapon from Rashok was not that good, yes it was a nice macro with Fury of the Eagle; if you compare it with the uniqueness of range weapons that the other two specs have, there should not be a comparison. Also do not forget that Survival is not the only spec/class that can use polearms :D.

thank you!!

There is only Survival. It’s a pain that Survival only gets staffs and ploearms when all weapons are Hunter weapons.

you’re right, even tho i figured out how to sim it, that herioc scythe is a slight dps increase but i should try to get that trinket