8.3.7 Is here!

Too bad there’s nothing new to do.


I was wondering what why there was a massive down time for maintenance that would provide nothing new.


If I’m remembering correctly, they’re connecting multiple low-pop realms.


I thought that wasn’t till the 23rd

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Could be they changed their minds, but it could also be that I am wrong.

They could have changed it but it’s still listed for the 23rd.

Could be it, possibly laying down lots of new code etc to prep it for Shadowlands. I also think it’s them putting in the prep for the realm connections so that the thursday maintenance won’t be as long.

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if they are only merging low pop realms, then only the low pop realm being merged should be offline.

Got an update for around 450 mb on launcher now.
So that’s telling.

Yea, they have to think about connecting everything and laying down the ground work for Pre-Patch, im sure internal testing of pre-patch already started.


At least Ion didn’t lie about there not being an 8.3.5! Skipped right past it :smiley:


I had the PTR already installed so my download was less than 40 mb.

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Makes sense, I uninstalled PTR 'cause of troubleshooting stuff and having wiped WoW clean earlier.

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I’m guessing they didn’t tell us which realms are getting connected.

The ones happening this Thursday they did.

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Here you go again spewing hate and not understanding how things work AT ALL.