8/12 M Guild LFM

Hey there! Bear With Us [H] (Formerly Mortui Vivos Docent) Is an 8/12M guild looking for a few more to finalize our raid roster as well as to expand our raid roster to continue pushing us to do our best. Not only do we raid on the weekend, but we often run M+ keys and some of us even PVP a little. We are looking for consistent raiders who have a good attitude and are looking to always improve as a group. More specific details below. If you are interested, add my btag Apexya0206#1811 or simply reply here!

Raid times: 9pm-12am EST Fri/Sat

Healing needs: Resto shaman preferred, but all strong heals will be considered.

DPS Needs: All strong dps will be considered.

Requirements: Must be 12/12H, 460 ilvl, Discord is required for raid chat

Still looking for a more to join us!