(8/10M) 3 players looking for CE mythic guild

Super Adventure Pals (5/10m) is a sweet guild recruiting great players. We raid 2 nights a week, Tues-Thurs from 9PM – Midnight EST.

Legendcock#7626 discord if you want to see our sick infographic

Bump. We are now 8/10 experience as a group.

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bump :slight_smile: still looking

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I know you said 2 days and before midnight est… But ill throw this here anyway since we are on the same server… :woman_shrugging:

Frisky Business on Tichondrius.
Raid times: Tues, Wed & Thurs 7pm - 10pm PST.
We are 9/10M with pulls into P3 on Sylvanas.
You can message me on discord if you by chance are interested Saraspank#1321

Hey Saraspank, we trialed with a 3-day guild recently and realized 3 days just doesn’t work with our schedules. We’re also all EST, so raiding until 1am isn’t ideal. Thanks for reaching out, though, we do really appreciate it!

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Hey lads, Im with Inferno - Illidan (8/10m soon 9/10m :wink: ) and was hoping to see if you are still looking around for any guilds to raid with. We are always looking for exceptional players and if youre still in the market im sure my guys would love to have a talk with ya! Lets get CE together <3

Feel free to reach out to me on disc: Pimoha#0621

bump the post up, still looking!

Can you believe all these talented players are still looking? Neither can I!
Hit us up, looking for a 2-day guild

Still looking.
#1 Enh Tichondrius, #17 US:

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bump it still looking. 2 days, lets get CE!

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Can we get a bump in the chat?

Inexorable Brutality 8/10M 25% progression on KT, are looking for gamers to add to our roster, we raid Tues/Wed 8-11 server/central on Emerald Dream Alliance, we have a fairly active group of M+ gamers and several over 2200-2400+. We’re a Semi-Hardcore group of friends looking to make new friends.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately that raid time is just too late for us :frowning:
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