8 more days Till Next Stress Test!

How would it not be a stress test?
That tests my peace of mind. If the first test was to happen again, I would think Blizzard has failed us again and not learned from pass lessons.

I think new random invites will be going out. I think they might have cleared the servers too, why else would they make a Battle net patch just to remove the stress test option from our apps?

It will be annoying if they did wipe the servers, 24 hours roughly to play is going to be hard to get back to 10 and then to whatever cap they implement, if it’s higher, IF I get back in etc.

Cause a stress test idea is to test the maximal load servers / infrastructure can handle in a short period of time.

not over multiple days… that’s just a beta.

The same thing as last time tbph, I expect and hope that the servers will fail under some crazy edge case and they can fix it before the real game launches. Not only does it make the game better, it also is fun to read the forums during these kinds of things.

I deliberately used the time to avoid the streamers, their events and the GMs and to actually treat it like a beta and to bug hunt and report incorrect things, since I’m not actually good enough to be included in the actual beta apparently xD. I had to say I had a blast levelling to ten and doing Teldrassil and Darkshore. Found quite a few issues with hunter and the odd quest mistake, but for me the stress test is a chance at helping the beta development. Sure, I helped out trying to login during the initial 2hrs too, even though I’m in the UK and the hours were ungodly.

Well, your account has been deleted. Presumably the characters went with it.

Except you weren’t asked to stress test contested zones. You were asked specifically to stress test starting areas, where the PVP flagging isn’t an issue.

maybe we get a 20 - 30 stress test or something like that.


The stress tests have a multitude of more people than the beta so it would be a great opportunity to test high stress areas.

I personally didn’t have any issues in the stress test but there wasn’t really much going on so it’d be nice to see how the server handles hundreds of people in one place casting and getting hit by hundreds of different spells.

I’m not referring to PVP flagging. I’m referring more to the server faction limitation, where you can only make a character on one faction at a time, since it’s a PVP server :slight_smile: . Does it make sense now?

It makes it harder to stress test zones if you can’t easily switch factions when a stress test event is occurring in the other faction. The PVP server limitation shouldn’t be enabled for the duration of testing.

For instance as I mentioned in my post, during the initial stress test, I had a leveled a lvl 5 Horde. However, most of the stress testing ended up being on Alliance that time, so for me to participate, I had to delete my lvl 5 Horde, so that I could make an Alliance, because PVP servers back then do not allow both factions at once.

Thing is, they don’t need you to “test all of it”. The stress test is literally for you to be a warm body, logging in, creating a character, and populating a zone.

If you wanted to play Alliance, you could have deleted all your Horde toons.

My one hope is that I actually get into this stress test!

I’m not sure I understand. One cannot “populate a zone” if they can’t easily make a character on the other faction, unless they want to repeatedly delete their characters. It doesn’t encourage stress testing. Why wouldn’t we want to test more? That’s the reason we’re there.

I did, and it didn’t feel good either. I didn’t get to test out some other things on Horde afterwards, because I didn’t want to delete my lvl 10 Alliance.

Sure you can. You’re one warm body in Durotar. They wanted hundreds in Durotar, hundreds in Elwynn, hundreds in Mulgore, etc.

The stress tests are not about your experience, directly. They don’t care if you only get to make toons on one faction, as long as during that 2 hour block, you’re making toons. The community will naturally spread itself out, and they want to test the stress.

You are a tiny cog in a giant machine. Not every cog on both sides of the machine.

Boo hoo?

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Not sure who spit in your cereal this morning.


Not this morning. Months of whiny posts about how person X didn’t get the beta experience they wanted. It’s testing. Its not for you to enjoy. You are literally a warm body helping them.

Come August 26th @10pm UTC you’ll have all the justification to complain about any issues you see, but the point of the testing is to avoid you having to see any of those issues on the live game.

All these constant threads about “my stress test experience wasn’t fair” or “I deserve beta” are irritating whines. You aren’t the focus of their testing. You don’t need to make toons on both sides. You don’t get to have access to do what you want.

The testing is for them to make sure their product is improved. Anything before August 27th is about them not you.


Starting zones are one thing when everyone gets on. The next major crush is def going to be AQ opening. That and it gives people more to do for the test.

we also were able the following week to get to lvl 10.
our lvl 10s went on crazy adventures like completing " the weaver" questline and “sons of agrul” fighting lvl 17s-18s in a raid of lvl 10s yes we died a lot but we completed it. so if our toons get wiped it will be very sad for the small group of us who did them quests but who knows we can group again and do them again and have an idea of what not to do this time. -tainted shammy-

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You quoted it as me saying it by accident :slight_smile: .

Interestingly, I was on my computer at about 10 pacific time. I was a part of the first stress test. The “beta and stress test” was removed from my launcher. Today I got a notification (pop up window that I saw because I was surfing the web) saying that “beta and stress test wow” was starting an update. I still don’t have a “beta and stress test” option in the launcher drop down.

Can’t wait to contribute more numbers to the stress test. I was a tiny bit peeved the first stress test because I couldn’t get in, but I gave Blizzard valuable statistics (by being stuck in queue forever). Stress Testing is about testing the stress on the server, not bug reports on that one level 43 quest mob in the Plaguelands. That’s for folks in the beta.

By deliberately avoiding high-stress areas to pretend you’re a beta tester, you’re not providing the developer team with the data they need to help make launch smoother. There is plenty of time to hunt out the last few kinks in the plate when Classic drops in August when you get to level at your own leisure, but helping Blizzard understand how to make the first few weeks not hell (even if you think you’re just the one number) is more important for the duration of the stress test.