8 layer no soul ash

Today like about 5:00 I finished the 8 layer of torghast and last boss didn’t drop any soul ash , and its a litle anoying trying that again.

PJ: Moonfuryy

It’s a known issue that we hope to have a resolution for as soon as we can.

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Its possible to obtain that ashe wihout doing it again ? or any possible solution?

It looks like the solution is going to be doing it again unfortunately. But they haven’t implemented the fix yet, so you’ll want to wait for that to happen first.

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Not as I understand it, Anubiiss. Sorry.

I just got word that the Hotfix is now implemented on Live. You should once more be able to receive Soul Ash. Keep in mind this applies only to new Torghast runs.

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This company should be able to award us the soul ashe from completing it. I took a screenshot of my character earning the achievement for clearing layer 8 of upper today. No offense, but do not enjoy torghast at all. I run it only because I have no other in game means to farm the currency to craft my desired leggo. Does it take forever to run? No, but I don’t want to set aside another 30min-1hr block to clear lvl 8 again (30mins if I get great powers).

Surely there’s some way that a company with the financial and creative resources of blizzard can see who’s ran what, or if given proof by the player, and then award them the currency they are owed. I really like shadowlands but torghast is the one aspect I loathe.

Blizzard doesn’t give rewards from any bugs or issues with the game like this. If it can be redone, than they go that way. No amount of screenshots will get that changed.


Not denying what you’re saying, but they have changed that stance before. Over time they eventually created item restore for people who vendored, d/e, or deleted gear that they had looted from bosses. Bosses that can also be killed again. They’ve changed their stance on that. The game files show x boss was killed and x item was looted. No reason they can’t see x layer defeated and award the currency due. Not doing so is just laziness on their end.


Yes, they actually do.

Unfortunately, what the others said is most likely correct; refunds of Soul Ash for people that ran it prior to the hotfix are extremely unlikely.

I won’t rule it out, because, yes:

There have been rare instances when certain things have been refunded. Very rare.


Well, they do since we got server transfers, faction change, character name change, and others suggestions they have authorized.


Does this mean if you have completed layer 8 and did not receive soul ash, doing it again would not yield the 570 soul ash?

Not from what Vrak stated in another thread about this very issue. Once the hotfix went in, those who had not received ash before it could run it again and receive ash.

thanks Jetsum, much appreciated.