8/9M 418 Mage LF Weekday CE Team


Raid team called it quits after a third of the roster dipped post-CE. Looking for options.

2-3 nights/week. Tues-Thurs pref, no Fri/Sat. Available 6-11pm Central

Horde only.

Discord: Meziskari#7219

BNet: Insanefoo#1982

Raiding history:

8/8M Uldir, 8/9M BoD

7/7M EN, 3/3H ToV, 10/10H NH, 9/9H ToS, 9/11M Antorus

7/7H 2/7M HM (M Imperator killed with new guild), 7/10M BRF (10/10 post 6.2), 13/13M HFC

13/14H Siege (pre 6.0), 12/12N ToT, 6/6H MV, 3/6H HoF, 4/4N ToES

Full cleared all of Cata and Wrath on at least Normal

5/9 BT, 4/5 Hyjal, 3/4 TK 6/6 SSC