8/9M 417 Rogue lf CE guild


Good Evening All,

I am currently looking for a new home to pursue CE and 8.2. My guild recently disbanded due to the lack of attendance which forced a lot of us to move on after 3 years of raiding together. I am looking for a hard slot in a core group. Not a bench. Not the bench after the bench lol. I am willing to Server change but not faction change. Along with raiding I also push high mythic keys and am currently 2.1k io. Horde guilds only.

2/2H COB

Raid times:
M-F: 8-12 EST

I like to keep things short so if you feel I may be a good fit please drop your guild info and btags.


Hello. < Flex Progression > on Tichondrius Horde. Is currently looking for Exceptional Dps/Healers We are currently 8/9m and raid T-W-TH 8-11Pm EST. We also have a second group that is 5/9m They raid sun-Mon 10-1Pm Est.
is a merit based guild that provides opportunities to anyone assuming their performance warrants it.
That said, no raider ever has a guaranteed raid spot; every spot on every fight is earned. A fundamental belief of every officer in the guild is that we must put the guild before personal accomplishments.
If this philosophy does not align with your expectations, realistically, this is not the guild for you. If you think this fits how you play and the times/nights work for you. Then you can apply at FlexProgression .com ;D
Sorry for the block post aswell haha Brim#1101


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