8.2 Tinker Class Opportunity

(Zonnaxoth) #1

With the upcoming patch 8.2, in which mechagon is a confirmed new area, this would be a perfect time to introduce the Tinker class as a lv1 start, Goblin/Gnome only class focused on using high tech gadgets over the more fantasy based classes that are dominating WoW currently.
I’m not a class designer, so I will leave that to Blizzard, but personally I feel tinker could have a perfect fitting Tank class that permanently rides in a mech suit of sorts, and uses shields as their primary damage absorption method.

(Stormdk) #2

You want them to introduce another class to the game for them to balance?

How about they fix their current classes first before adding a new one.


I would not expect a new class to roll out halfway through an expansion. I would expect it to be a “back of the box” feature for the next expansion.

(Ladihoodwink) #4

Thats a false concern, they will never be able to balance classes. So you are saying you never want any new classes? Just accept it will never be balanced, this is Activision we are talking about now.


They will never add tinker and I personally don’t want them to. Why have engineering as a profession if it’s also going to be a class. As much as I would like alchemist to become a class I don’t think it should.

Also gadgets and bombs are sort of split between rogues and hunters as it is. Would they get pruned of those as to not step into the new classes’ theme?

(Oprawr) #6

With the horrid product they have now, i think they should focus on getting what is, to work! and not introduce new stuff to feed the hype.

The game is in serious need of attention, if this time around “wow is dying” wont actually come true.

(Glastian) #7

Because herbalism and druids, and skinning and hunters, aren’t enforced. And there’s clearly enough sci fi presence to enable it. It would make for one more pet spec, or pet class. I think it would be interesting. FAR better than a necromancer, which basically the zombie equivalent of warlocks.

(Ladihoodwink) #8

I do think ranged physical damage needs a new class… I mean let’s tally this up.

Ranged Magic Specs - 9
Ranged Physical Specs - 2
Melee Magic Specs - Unholy, Enhance, Ret, Frost
Melee Physical Specs - 5

Regardless melee is quite balanced whereas ranged is way shifted into magic. Give tinkers petless physical ranged damage.

(Dremall) #9

If 8.2 were the last patch of the expansion I’d say MAYBE. They could pull an allied-race thing and have it be a next expac feature, but allow it to be accessed early. However, with it being midway through the opportunity will probably be missed.

As it stands professions are so watered down as is, it would end up just gutting what is left of engineering. Look at the poor corpse of Inscription. Its a shadow of itself.

(Darklordseth) #10

I play survival hunter with engineering with mech pets that is the closest anyone has gotten. You can also combo engineering with outlaw rogue.