8.2 Mount Equipment and Water Strider


It’s hyperbole, not a strawman.

And if you choose option, 2, 3, or 4… it doesn’t. and yet it’s still called a water strider.

Waiter: “Enjoy your burger ma’am”
Customer: “But you gave me the salad I ordered.”
Waiter: “You could have ordered a burger, so it’s fine to call it a burger.”
Customer: “Whaaa? That makes no sense.”
Waiter: “Would you like ketchup with your burger?”
Customer: “I’d like you to stop calling it a burger, because it’s a SALAD.”
Waiter: “Tsk, so touchy! Sorry, that’s against policy.”

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They’re not. If you did that grind, you can unlock water walking for all your mounts easier than someone who didn’t do the grind.

Which is selfish. Instead of making a GOOD suggestion like “Hey, let’s let any mount have any mount equipment” so you and everyone can be happy, you’re selfishly saying “Hey I should be special and have water walking AND all my other mounts have whatever thing I choose”

One’s a good suggestion, the other is just selfish whining imo. If your goal is truly to have a water walking mount and other mount equipment, make better suggestions than “I did the work, everyone else shouldn’t get it! It’s not fair!” because that’s what your argument comes off as.

If that would make players happier, I guess that’s what they’ll have to do. You should make a suggestion thread about it.


Yeah, once after level 100. But hey, guess what, what about alts below level 100? And since those alts under level 100 can’t purchase, and you got to have the Reputation from the Anglers also to purchase it…

I am not about to grind a Mage from level 90 to 100 in painful overtuned zones so I can purchase mount equipment for my alts below level 100.

Oh right, leaving our Water Striders alone is a selfish act


You heard it here everyone. We can’t have a win/win situation, instead, it is always a win/lose situation.

Have you not read through this thread. Nobody is asking for mount equipments on the strider while it still has its water walking passive.

“Selfish Whining”. You disagree with my post, now you’re calling it selfish whining.


Technically, once you pick mount equipment you like (for everyone but DK and paladin it’ll be SPEED, or -maybe- no-daze), you won’t be swapping it out for specific situations.

Honestly, the strider is dead… anyone still playing after 8.2 should just get MoP Fishing(1) and an Angler’s Raft toy and use that from now on. It’s more awkward than a water strider, but you can us it in no-mount places which is nice.

At least until Blizzard decides to sink that too.

Which they will.

Because they’re rude.

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I know you think this is clever, but it’s really not. Most mounts having names that don’t reflect what they do. Just looking at the top of my mount collection, I have an Acid Belcher, but it doesn’t belch acid, what’s up with that?


Bug report that! Should be part of the /mountspecial definitely!!! :smiley: That’d be pretty sweet! :smiley:

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Ah, so now you’re trying to undermine the people who DID play and DID grind the rep and saying It’s not fair? What? You should get a free pass because you quit playing? That’s up to you, bucko.

And that’s completely your choice, or you could suggest getting a free character boost ?

Well considering they’re revamping it and making it a whole system, uh…yeah. The whole purpose of the system was to make it so people weren’t forced to grind out a rep from some old crummy expansion to have a mount with water walking…

Yes, because you’re one of the few rare vocal minorities that grinded the rep on a character then quit playing it, everyone else should have to suffer and have it your way. Because tyranny of the minority is how this game should be ran, folks.

I know, they’re asking that they get a mount that ONLY has water walking AND be able to have all their other mounts access other mount equipment…which is literally the reason mount equipment was made, to get away from having to grind out ONE mount from an old crummy expansion to get water walking and so people don’t feel forced to use it for water walking…which they still would if we had it your way. :roll_eyes:

Considering there’s WAY better suggestions than “I don’t wanna level 10 levels on a character I gave up on! So everyone else should have to suffer!” instead of a GOOD suggestion like “Let’s let every mount have it’s own mount equipment so I can continue to have water walking on my water strider like I want and be able to use mount equipment on other mounts!”


Drougen, seriously, how much does Blizzard pay you to kiss there ***. You want this system, and that’s fine. Nobody is saying to not bring in the mount equipment system.

What has been stated, by me, and a few others in this thread is to leave our Water Striders alone. Make it so it is also uneffected by the Mount Equipment system, same way as they have done it for the Sky Golem.

But no, according to you, that is a selfish act. Instead of a Win/Win situation, where something as the Water Striders doesn’t get there water walking passive removed and they get uneffected by the Mount Equipment system, same as the Sky Golem, you want a win/lose situation, where only those who like this change can be happy, while the rest of us gets a stick poked at our skeletons.


Some people are only happy if other people suffer.


Yeah, I guess he is one of them.

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[quote=“Sarallesta-moon-guard, post:464, topic:192742, full:true”] But then, if Blizzard was thinking people were using the Water Strider most of all, why implement a stupid system? Why not add more Water Walking mounts?

It is not because people are over using the strider. It is because they want to get rid of a mount that will water walk 100% of the time.
They will increase mob density so you will need anti-daze, but it will be in a water area so you will want water walking…
Chose one.
They are also bringing this out in the same patch as Pathfinder part two hoping that the Mount Equipment Shiny and being able to fly will deflect the general player from the fact their water strider no longer strides water.
And most of the player base does not read the forums and will be completely clueless.


Yeah, increasing played time.

Well, guess it is time to stock up on Water Walking potions and leather bards. That is how to avoid it all together.

Then watch that get removed next expansion, where they also gate flying behind several patches again with bad terrain to navigate.


The way things are going… Next expansion will be 100% indoors/underground, and no one will be able to mount up anywhere.

And Ion will smirk: “Glad you wasted all that money on vendor and AH mounts now!? HAHA!”


This is exactly what is happening with the Sky Golem though.

The only mount that is losing something with mount equipment is the water strider… Yes it gets added back if you use the item. But why was the Sky Golem left alone? It couldve been changed like every other mount and a Herbing equipment item added.

Most people in favour of mount equipment say that theyre glad they’re not forced into using that “ugly” mount… But what about the people who dont like the Sky Golem, but feel ‘forced’ to use it for herbing? Yes, there is a consumable that does the same thing… There are also consumables for water walking.

Most people against the mount equipmemt change would like the water strider given the same exception as the sky golem.

My big beef is when you consider the different treatment between the two mounts (Sky Golem and Water Strider) its looks pretty clear (to me) that the underlying motivation was to remove water walking.

Treat all mounts with a unique abilty the same, either exempt from mount equipment or not.

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It’s not even the most used mount for most people, though, just the mount most used when people want to walk on water, which isn’t the same thing. Cities aren’t full of people sitting on water striders, nor are most zones populated by people questing on water striders.

Outside Nazmir, where you can’t conveniently travel large parts of the zone without criss-crossing deep water, people are already using every other mount in the game.

Removing a mount’s ability to do X, solely because it’s the only type that can do that thing, would actually have any kind of justification if Blizzard had also removed the herbalism ability from the shredder mounts, which they haven’t.


I agree. Just to note, though: they’re also leaving the other special abilities alone. Yaks will still have a vendor and a transmog NPC, Brutosaurs will still have a vendor and an AH NPC, all the underwater mounts will still do what they were designed to do .

The only one getting nerfed? The striders.


It’s not really a fuss, Jops. How about you take my advice if it’s good?


Sky Golem cannot have other equipment added to it, and will lose its ability if mount equipment is ever added that allows for harvesting. Figured, I’d let you know.


…thats my point.

sky golem isn’t effected by the mount equipment change, it would not have been hard to make it function like every other mount and add a herbing mount equipment item. (this already exists as a consumable, so its clearly not a mechanical issue)

water walker on the other hand has its bonus removed, so it can be added as mount equipment.

water strider and sky golem are both mounts with special abilities, one is completely ignored by this change and the other isn’t,

(Mossclaw) #522

I’ll be perfectly honest - I hate that thing with a passion. The only reason I have it in my inventory is that someone dear to me went to the gods-awful trouble to craft it for me and I cannot part with it. But I hate seeing it. I hate hearing it. I can’t stand it! It doesn’t fit my character and I’ve used it less than 10 times. >.<

On the flip side, it would never occur to me to come into a thread of players that adore it and worked hard to get the gold or build it and say many of the things that have been said here against that mount. It doesn’t do anything I can’t get a potion or barding or whatever they call those twiddly things to cut time down on playing the game.

Plus if I heard that they were allowing me to equip the perks of the Golem to any mount I choose, and the thread wasn’t against that? Why the heck would I take issue with that?

idk. Different strokes, I guess. ~shrugs~ Thank you for letting me vent about the Sky Golem though! ~grins~