8.2 Mount discussion. (SPOILERS)

(Nadradina) #1

Spoilers ahead for the datamined mounts in 8.2. I wouldn’t personally say these are major story spoilers, more of just theme spoilers? But it is future content and if you want to go in totally fresh, then don’t read this post/thread.

Okay, so those new mounts.
Yeah. I love. I LOVE. That wheel and mechcrablegs makes me want to actually roll Gnome. Also if that crab mount DOESN’T drop from a crab rare named Eugene they would have missed an obvious Spongebob joke and reference. Oh, and better seahorses!
Also that mechcat mount you get to paint, yes! I hope they evolve both that system and the Mount Equipment systems! I wonder if we’ll get one of those Naga Brutes as a mount. Maybe as a Mythic Azshara drop?

What new mounts are you excited for!?


That awesome looking black and red manta that is probably either a drop from Azshara or Ahead of the Curve. Either way both mean I probably won’t see it for at least another three years, if ever.

But it’s so cool!

EDIT: I just saw some sea horses on Reddit. Not a seahorse. A SEA HORSE. A HORSE THAT IS A FISH AND IT LOOKS SO MAGNIFICENT.

Clearly they shall be Alliance mounts.

(Enekie) #3

I’m actually fairly excited for the Mount Equipment system. I think it’s a very elegant solution to the problem of the Water Strider being the default mount and, more importantly, allows for some customization and options.

I need to cross a large body of water? I can do it on my elegant crane who ethereally walks on water or on my hilarious hippo who inexplicably does the same.

I need to run through a pack of enemies? It can be done on a burly bear that doesn’t get dazed or a mechanostrider that has no concept of pain.

Or you can just put them on your favorite mount and call it a day. I like the concept a lot.


I love the Monowheel, and the Tideskippers are beautiful. :unicorn:


I am going to get that monowheel. And it will be Sidda’s mount, for she does not know how to ride a horse and having her take care of a large animal is currently a horrible idea. So it’s mechanical or bust.

Also they’re finally adding those other gryphon and pterrowing mounts that have been datamined for quite some time. I’m so excited!

(Nadradina) #6

I’m gonna work in some IC way for Alice to have the monowheel.
She stole it.
Yes, listen to this voice in your head. She. Stole. It.

They should make it so if you put the watershoes on a Lock mounts, they leave a blazing trail of fire when they walk on water. Like they could back when we had the Nightmare Glyphs for them!

Also maybe they expand that mount tint thing with mechkitty to let us have custom armors and accessories to put on mounts! We get the base model and we can go out and make or get armor and other accessories to put on those particular mounts!

(Sarestha) #7

This is where I’m at. I like my cosmetic mounts, and don’t want to have to pick obscure ones because of their benefits.

It’s a weird form of reverse transmog and I love it.

(Sef) #8

I want that crab just for idling outside of the main hub in my beach gear.

(Sorelai) #9

So far, I like the wheel and the mechanical parrot.