(8.2) Give us better Gun Sounds!

You’re killing me Blizzard…

I absolutely detest the stock gun sounds. If I wanted to shoot a staple gun, I would. But I’m firing a rifle.

If we can no longer change sound files, then AT LEAST let us choose to opt into GUN SOUNDING GUN SOUNDS. You can still have the flaccid staple popper as the stock, but please let our Guns SOUND LIKE GUNS if we want!!!

If there’s just some new trick to make my gun sound good, please let me know. But this is ridiculous.

For those unawares,
8.2 had some undocumented changes. Amidst the patch, we now can no longer alter the sounds of spells/weapons like our guns by getting the files ourselves and plugging them into custom sound files. This means many hunters like myself who like our guns to sound like G-U-N-S are stuck once again having to listen to the stapler sounds.

Blizzard. Like seriously. I’ll work for free. I’ll hand deliver you a catalog of GUN SOUNDS that all sound better than the crap we have now. Please let my gun sound like a gun. I like guns. and I don’t like when my gun doesn’t sound like a gun.

I don’t know how I can make this any more simple…


I have to second this. I was using modified gun sounds since WoD.

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The new gun from mechagon is hilarious. Some serious laser pew pew there.

Yeppers, i dont mind it… makes me feel like i should have a spaceman transmog though

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I just don’t understand, either. My recollection is that, up to MOP(?) everyone in the raid/group/open-world-within-range could hear the gunshots and it got very distracting for players. Understandable. So they changed the gun sounds. But then, I believe, they also made the gun sounds “personal” so that the rest of the world around you couldn’t hear them. (I could be very, very wrong about that. I just seem to remember a change like that. It could be the drugs…) Regardless, you could change them back to gun sounds with various addons.
Why did this warrant a change? Why would you break an addon that didn’t really affect game mechanics at all? I know its a little crazy (okay, a lot crazy) but I almost can’t play my hunter now. The complete silence is un-nerving at best and actually confusing at worst, because I have no real confirmation that I’ve actually DONE anything. Did that attack go off or is it lag? Did I miss that button? I have no real feedback anymore. I may as well transmog back to a bow.
Please explain this Blizzard.

Right. Like THAT’S gonna happen…

Blizzard does not seem to care about this, it is something so insignificant, for us Hunters, it isn’t, I love my wolfslayer rifle and I hate using it because of the BB pellets I fire out of it. Bows sound so good compared to the crossbow too.

They changed gun sounds because players were complaining about them being too loud.

Some of guns does not have gun fire sound effect.


  1. Iron maidens in Blackrock Foundry
    (same sound effect as crossbow)

  2. Mantid archeology
    (Does not have sound effect.)

  3. Iron Qon in Throne of Thunder
    (Shot lightning spark instead of bullet)

All they had to do was turn down the volume on the gun sounds A LITTLE. Instead they replaced them with paintball gun noises which makes guns unplayable: the sound is so anemic and unsatisfying that it’s actually jarring and distracting for ME, someone who alts hunter. I can’t wrap my mind around someone in charge at Blizzard listening to these new sounds and thinking “deerrrrrrr I like this and so will the hunters!”

To make matters worse, when the modders fixed this issue Blizzard went and made a change that stopped the add-ons from working so now we’re forced to listen to thhrrp! whenever our gun fires (up close steady shot sounds like a slap/spit in someone’s face)

If we can’t have the guns sounds back forever, then at least give us a toggle so the hunter-players can hear it!


Is there still not a fix for this?

The Energy Rifle is a band-aid, aesthetically. There’s still riflemen in the Warfronts firing paintballs at me reminding me that the sounds are still terrible. I get that changing the sounds back to pre-Warlords would affect everyone else negatively, but there’s got to be a way to implement a personal sounds preference if they’re going to take away the work-around we had.

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A bit late to this thread but yes, PLEASE give us back our custom files! I used Remington 12 gauge sounds and I miss it terribly.

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I have used a bow on my hunter since the gun sound was nerfed. Doesn’t even feel like a gun anymore.

I’m completely convinced that WoW has been helmed by complete incompetents since WoD.

They’re just inane interns!


I hate the current gun sounds. I keep switching to a bow because of it

Not only do I use Vanilla gun and bow sounds, but I also removed the chain mail sound when running… No more sounding like I have too much change in my pockets lol

There’s no updated addons that I found for sounds but on that doesn’t work.

I have been using this new add-on to revert it back to Vanilla gun sounds (player-only though). It’s better than nothing.

EDIT: I made a guide demonstrating how to get your custom sounds back with the add-on! 🏹 How to Get CUSTOM Gun/Bow Sounds Back in 8.2