8.2 essences


Have any of you looked at the essences on ptr? One of them right now has a chance to give you your main cd at half the time, and everytime it procs it reduces the cd by 10 seconds. And it passively reduces the cd. Demon hunters are getting 90% uptime on meta on ptr right now. 8.2 is totally gonna fix everything guys, it’s time to resub


Sounds like it will be fun to play a DH lol. Insane damage meta incoming.


What is that essence called


found it. Vision of perfection


Pretty much major cooldowns for every class. Insanely busted on ptr right now

(Glyg) #6

And the devs already said they’re going in as is for pvp. Whatever they do in pve, they’ll do in pvp. I wonder how many months it will take before they nerf it?


I severely doubt that essence will make it to live the way it is. They still have 2 months worth of PTR testing, it’ll get adjusted down or else literally everyone will only use that as a major.

Remember when Zanda Regeneratin let them regen 100% HP over 4s on a 1.5min CD unbroken by damage? Look what actually made it to live…

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This is kind of like the tree falling making no sound meme.

If a nerf happens but no one is playing the game to see it, did the nerf really ever happen?

(Rethumtv) #9

So do Ret’s get perma wings, or perma bubble… asking for a friend :smirk:


You get permawings. I feel bad for Arms Warriors, they get permabladestorm lmao

(Efx) #11

Dark times ahead friends…dark, dark times.

(Shinitakunai) #12

Perfection of time isnt that great. Proc rates insanely low theres a lot of other traits that are really strong. Fire lazer beam chunks. Blood of Enemies is really good too.

(Xd) #13

the infinite power of BFA


this is consistent with the overall design basically forcing pvp’ers into pve if they want to compete

agree that it is poor design that results in a negative feedback loop for many players


Blood of Enemies will be sick with specs like Fire/Frost Mage that can guarantee 100% crit.

(Ænvy) #16

So… Are Fury Warriors getting perma recklessness?

(Survïvalïst) #17

Ahh yes i remember them saying that about the broken pve trinkets from last raid and also this one yet here we are LOL


sad time in WoW when 8.1.5 will be reminisced about

(Eddyv) #19

Can’t trade cooldowns if they never end, big brain plays by blizzard.

(Fylerz) #20

Pvpers: meta is too slow
Blizzard: perma burst cd for every spec