8.1 may be the end


“Ready when its ready” We miss the old Blizzard so much. I actually could have played legion without an update for another 6months and another 12 if they added something similar to ToV.

(Kabbie) #82

No, you don’t. Something that people have to accept is that you don’t have to endure unnecessary hardship to get a satisfactory ending - that myth is what allows companies like Blizzard to treat its customers like utter garbage.

Blizzard literally laid an incomplete poorly-designed product at your feet, claimed it was finished, listened to none of your protests to the contrary, then left you to deal with the utter crapshow on your own.

If the other party in a relationship is abnormal or dishonest, you leave. If the other party starts treating you like crap, lies to your face, doesn’t listen to you, puts you down as a d**kbag, or simply fails to treat you like a human being worthy of a little respect, you leave. You don’t wait for things to get better, you don’t regard their promises to get better as legitimate, you just pack up and go.

Don’t think about the time you invested into the relationship, don’t think about how good things used to be, don’t hold out hope that they’re going to get better when they don’t even respect you, don’t think you can help when they’re clearly not listening to you. Just think about the alternatives, make an escape plan, set your clock, and when the day hits, pack your bags, and go.

This is not okay. This is not normal. This is not acceptable, and you shouldn’t pretend that it is.

This applies to many aspects of your life: the relationship between you and a game company should be no different. I mean, holy crap, I know it sucks because both Blizzard and Bethesda squandered a good deal of good will in pursuit of the almighty dollar, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

(Beefköw) #83

I already accepted the fact that not a single word or an action is going to do jack squat.

It sucks but you just you learn to deal with things in life that aren’t just simply in your control.

Tbh, I am in the same boat as you, I was just screwing with your head by pretending to be an honorable white knight of Activision Blizzard.

(Majyka) #84

I was hoping for real class improvements in 8.1. Clearly, they don’t care enough about, what, for me, is the most important part of the game. I can forgive a lot of bad content if I enjoy playing my character. Unfortunately, the reverse is not true. No amount of good content makes up for hating how my character feels to play. All the people I enjoyed playing with have canceled already, so just letting my subscription expire now.

(Håylee) #85

Couldnt agree more. Very well put.

(Meadamemnon) #86

Yes I agree whole heartedly. I did this after Cata, the state of Elemental Shaman for an entire XPac made me lose faith in Blizzard. Didnt play MoP, didnt play WoD. I came back for Legion, as many of my online friends did and I played with them. Personally I felt at the time that MoP classes were too bloated with spells, Cata felt right and about the limits that the number of spells a class should have, just needed balancing issues resolved.

I have done it before and will do it again. If I am not satisfied with the product, I will stop paying for it. Many others do the same without a single forum post.


You know what the funny part is? I used to hold so much expectation for new things when a new patch/expansion was coming in the past. Now I dread looking at patch notes scared that the class/spec I like playing is going to get nerfed.

I’ve been playing a mage ever since Cataclysm, which is when I started playing on Blizzard servers. I’ve played mage through the end of Cataclysm, most of Pandaria and all of Draenor. Gave it a break and started playing Demon Hunter in Legion and some Shadow Priest. Some weeks ago, a patch note was released for 8.1 where Frost got some major, major nerfs (I’m talking MAAAAAAJOR NERFS here!) to its CC and some to its AoE.

I now dread looking at patch notes instead of been excited about them. This is just sad.

It looks like they don’t even test things anymore. All feedback is ignored and it looks like PTRs are just there so that the top guilds can get used to the raids in order to get world first faster.

(Llothian) #88

I don’t think I can contribute much more to this discussion from a purely objective standpoint; most of the points I’d of liked to make have already been addressed.

Nonetheless, I can’t help but chime in here.

BFA is graphically beautiful. While the story is undeniably flawed, at least in the grand scheme of things, zones such as Drustvar and their accompanying quest lines have made for engaging adventures that redeem the overarching narrative somewhat.

But what does any of that count for if you cannot appreciate the playthrough? Class design is at the core of the WoW experience. It is what defines the individual’s perception of the world and its events; what drives the story; what tethers you to an otherwise alien reality.

From a competitive standpoint, it determines which niche you fill, what role you play. Certain classes and specializations are going to perform better in certain raids than others – and I don’t see a problem with that. Sometimes balance is imbalance.

Not every class or spec need have interrupts, stuns, what have you – at least not in the traditional sense. I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s playing around such disadvantages that really makes a class enjoyable because it forces you to learn said class; to understand its strengths and weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage.

Every class should have its time in the spotlight. And every class should have a unique and – dare I say – fun playstyle. Yet they have been made unbearably homogeneous. You’re given the same abilities across the board, distinguished only by name and spell effects.

Class design should be the ultimate priority. Gear, raid tiers, etc. are all auxiliary, as they are entirely dependent upon class mechanics.

It’s incredibly disheartening that the design team does not seem to share that philosophy.


Were here waiting on classic to get a good 6 months to year out of that in hopes that they extend that into BC because Burning crusade was hands down best gaming in our life time. If they dont extend it into BC hopefully something else will be out by that time.

BFA is a raging dumpster fire and 8.1 is just more proof they have no idea what they’re doing…

BM still not playable in competitive pvp… MM is dumpster fire in PVP…
Survival? If i want to play melee i’ll play rogue/warrior/dk/feral/ ect… No need to ruin hunter class and force another melee spec down our throats.

(Dremall) #90

Classic might prove to be the salvation that live needs, and perhaps a source of inspiration for the developers. I’m not saying Vanilla was perfect. Far from it. However it might serve them well to remember their roots, and WoW’s roots. Blizzard should and needs to pay attention to what players latch onto in their gameplay. What they are actually enjoying.


I agree and think they should have started Vanilla a little later in the patches and moved into BC.

BC is where pvp was great along with raiding. I really hope they plan to extend the servers to bc