8.1 may be the end

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11/04/2018 04:14 PMPosted by Ornasse
As someone who has not purchased BFA yet, 8.1 is not enough. I won't come back until the issues that make the game not fun for me are fixed, and that includes class design and alt leveling. Hearing that flight won't be until 8.2 or later means it's going to be a long time before I even consider subbing again.

Edit - Vendors don't mean anything to me, I don't do M+. Make the game actually fun for people other than raiders and M+ addicts.

I haven't bought it either. I'm mostly farming old rare mounts. I see no sign that they're going to do anything to fix my spec, so I'll just keep leveling up characters to farm mounts on for the time being.

My mythic shadow priest boyfriend is about to quit entirely and take an expansion off if they don't change the management crew that seems to be wearing blindfolds.

PvP vendors I could get into. Mythic+, no way. It's a bandaid fix intended to serve a tiny fraction of the playerbase.

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I am the prototype of a casual, I guess. Doing heroic dungeons (sometimes low mythic plus), random battlegounds with friends, lfr and normal raiding, levelling professions or an alt.
I don't bother rng or vendors and whatnot.
What bothers me is the lack of interesting class and spec design. And it baffles me, that blizz stays radiosilent on this topic when you see people moaning everywhere. Just a simple "we hear you and we are working on it" would go a long way. Instead they say nothing and accept that people are leaving the game...weird marketing strategy.

I know that the forums represent only a small part of the community, but don't you have to admit, that someting is going wrong, when more than half of the forum consists of threads from people who are displeased with their class/spec? Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that a lot more are dissatisfied who just don't voice their concerns? I for one would assume that, if I worked at blizzard...and it would upset me.

My sub runs 28 days from now and I won’t renew unless my main class got fixed. Now that we know that the raid and the improvements for azerite gear are coming in january '19 (plus the likely time gated war campaign which leads to the raid) and no date for the new allied races, what incentive is there to play?

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The biggest problem to me is that most of the (aside from shadow priest changes probably) fixes are just stuff they could hotfix.

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[quote="207682607327"]I remember when we used to have a bunch of fun mechanics like Tigers Eye Brew, and neat looking spells like spinning fire blossom.
Off topic from WW, but, I remember when Mistweavers could spam healing orbs at their feat, you couldn't kill them! That was fun...

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It's sad that I'd rather be playing WoD, where atleast my class was fun and I could make crazy gold.

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The only thing I’m doing atm is Legion content that I never did on my Druid. Over half our raid has just disappeared without a word, we’re treading water and close to sinking.

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8.1 is making everything better…I think you have it backwards, it’s a great new beginning plus we will have classic soon, too

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Look, I want to feel good about this expansion and I want to have a lot of hope for 8.1, because it’s becoming more and more apparent that the art team is pretty much carrying the entire team. And they’re just there to make money for Activision by milking a beloved IP, not create a world, so I’m leaving my expectations for 8.1 as low as humanly possible: if the patch notes aren’t in Chinese and I don’t have to give up my CC to apply the patch, I’ll be happy.

I’m not excited about anything but looking at the world without actually having to slog in it, and it makes me wonder if I would have been better off investing in the art book.

I’m not excited for new raids and instances because the class design and balance suck enough that it’s going to stomp out any joy I’m going to have with the learning process. I’m not excited to see what new properties are coming in M+ because it’s just going to be a cycle of ‘easy weeks’ and ‘no way in hell weeks’ because Blizzard can’t separate the traits in ways that don’t break peoples’ will to live. I’m not excited about the new gear because Azerite armor is utter crap when compared to the specialized nature of artifact weapons. I’m not excited with the clickbait storyline because it’s now approaching Jerry Springer-esque levels of shock value designed to see how much crap about Sylvanas I can swallow, and like the bunny with pancakes, I’m probably going to vomit when I find out what she did next, or maybe it’ll be Saurfang turning tail towards the Alliance, or maybe it’ll be how the Night Elves are getting worfed into next Tuesday. I’m not sure what’s next in the universal humiliation conga, but nobody on Azeroth is gaining anything that even resembles dignity. I’ve lost faith in the story-telling team to create anything that doesn’t involve using mass murder as a device and an emotional roller coaster designed to make us furious at our factions rather than proud of them.

Speaking of lost dignity, did I mention the broken promises behind the revamp of shaman and priests and how those vaunted “fix everything” solutions were a bunch of number tweaks that could have taken place within the first week because Blizzard can’t understand that turrets aren’t fun or viable, or maybe how prot warriors have needed Ignore Pain off the GCD since 8.0, yet they’re not going to see a fix for another three weeks while the Corgi Hallucinating glasses were hotfixed within hours because reasons? Or how DH continues to be the golden child of the devs? Or how after two years of completely tearing down the “simple, stupid, but popular” ranged SV build, the devs still haven’t been able to come up with a suitable replacement to what amounts to a four-button spec with a singular gameplay mechanic? Think I have any faith in the class devs who think they’re too good to take feedback and communication?

The new artwork, designs, and environments are the only thing I’m looking foward to, and the only black mark the art team is getting right now is the utter laziness behind the Nightborne, who are so ugly and lazily-slapped together that even the Nightborne NPCs don’t use Nightborne PC models. Right now, BFA is like this really pretty but vapid empty thing chained to an awful, ego-filled money-hungry mess that completely fails to live up to its promises, prides itself on its lack of understanding what makes things fun, gleefully lies about wanting to communicate with the player base by taking some sort of perverse joy out of maliciously misunderstanding the needs and wishes of its core audience, pissing them off and ‘owning them,’ then passive-aggressively blames the customer for not enjoying what is clearly a bad idea, then proceeds to fix it by giving us more of those bad ideas, wasting our time, money, patience, and good will, and continuing to not give a single solitary frag, just so long as they can complete their legacy when it’s very clear that a better job was done five years ago and they tore it all down ‘just because.’ My God, Battle for Azeroth is like the Melania Trump of expansions.

I dunno, maybe it’ll be better in 9.0 when the Horde goes through yet another warchief goes completely off the rails and the Alliance has to save the day…again. Whatever tired old setup served them so well in the glory days, I suppose.

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This missed the entire point of the thread, it doesnt matter how much content they throw at you if the class you play isnt fun to do the content on. The game is lacking on content is fun as well, theres not a single thing at 120 that available all the time that I would play for 0 rewards. I dont want to run something a million times to get a mount, just to get that mount. But if I am enjoying a pvp brawl and have played more than my 1 win a day currency systems are an added bonus to the content I’m enjoying. Island expeditions are stale now, especially when mobs hit you upwards of 75% of your health so adding the currency system is a bit better but doesnt help make them more fun.

I really hope they deliver when we have all our bodies as AP gear, from what I heard we will have 6 pieces by 8.2. The more ap gear added the worse your class gets. As a warlock drain life is utter s-h-*-t and cant heal from 1 non elite mob in the was world…they have the inner tier on some gear that below 50% health is heals for 1.5k more but unless you have all 3 pieces of gear with that it still does not heal enough…and that’s if you even have all then unlocked. AP gear isnt helping the classes in any aspects.

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No kidding it isn’t fun. The new art is the only thing I’m looking forward to.

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Yeah I don’t see classes becoming fun for me in 8.1 based on what I’ve seen on the PTR and datamining.

It’s a shame, too. Been almost a year since BfA Alpha, when people started leaving feedback about class design and the introduction of azerite armor (a very deluded version at the time), and I watched in real time over all of this time as they ignored nearly everything on the forums, even most of the stuff in the focused feedback threads. It was like trying to stop a train that just kept on going.

I know why, too. It was more important that they release the game to fit financial report needs than to deliver something quality for the players.

I thought 8.1 would be seeing way more class updates than it is so far, and with only a couple of development weeks left it is likely there won’t be much else. Despite this, I am not surprised after thinking about BfA so far.

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It’s not just you being sick. I feel the exact same way.

To be honest, I used to be a HUGE Blizzard fanboy. I used to be absolutely addicted to WoW. Legion and BfA’s class design choices and dumbing down of literally everything has taken all the motiviaton I’ve had to play this game anymore.

I hate saying it because I really really WANT to enjoy this game. I truly do. They’re just making really dumb decisions and to me it just looks like they have no idea what they’re doing anymore. It’s sad.

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Jumpin on the bandwagon to say that I too want to play and enjoy WoW, but this current iteration just doesn’t do it for me. They f***ed up way too many things in BfA. I’m so happy I farmed enough gold in Legion to pay for my WoW sub. I’d be so pissed if I paid actual money, monthly, for this dumpster fire.

8.1 probably won’t save it either. Unholy remains in it’s broken state and not one post about em yet. % damage increases aren’t going to fix the sluggish play style it has. Same thing with Frost. Most downtime of any class by a large margin.

It’s so, so sad seeing what these “devs” have to this game. My sub ends on Dec 23rd and I don’t see my self renewing. 8.1 just isn’t enough. I’ll see how 8.2 looks. If DK’s don’t get a big overhaul, I’ll be done until next xpac.

F***ing RIP Blizzard…what happened to you.

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I was soured with how Blizzard treated Honestly, the Oceanic Guild.

Honestly ran a lot of gold sale runs. Its the only way to fund mythic raiding on that level. As a point of reference, each boss pull with full consumables costs roughly 1.5k-2.5k per person (server costs vary greatly), which is extremely costly when you are wiping 30-40 times a night.

So one gold sale, someone snuck an RMT buyer in. The guild member who brought the RMT buyer threw his own gold in the pot, so no one was the wiser. Then BAM, 15 members of the guild banned just 2 weeks after they downed mythic ghuun. 6-month bans, no appeals went through. One guy who got banned only brought his rogue to bonus roll on a dagger from a single boss just so he’d have that alt for mythic Zul. Just 1 boss in that raid and they banned him.

No appeals went through, and the GM responses I saw were in broken English. Its unbelievable really that they can treat loyal costumers that way. Some people have dumped years into this game, thousands of dollars, and your GM response is someone who barely speaks English and can’t help you.

Really, why continue to support such a company who’s resorting to cut as many corners as possible?

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Well, if it’s any comfort, you’re not playing a Blizzard game, you’re playing an Activision game. It’s sort of like how Blizzard wh*red out their Diablo IP to Neatease to make some easy money; they’re just doing the same with Warcraft.

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Hard to enjoy the content when the classes are shallow and devoid of engagement.


Blockquote Hard to enjoy the content when the classes are shallow and devoid of engagement.

I was shocked and disappointed when they didn’t adopt the SWTOR interactive voiceover work for quests; I simply assumed there was no way they could compete with such quality, especially with the fantastic class questlines (compared to the miserable side-quests of WoW class quests).

WoW almost got there with the artifact weapon questlines, but they seemed somewhere between disjointed and poorly integrated into the overall questline, that I was often confused as to which I was doing and for what reason. Cap that off with the final quests being tied to raid drops that couldn’t be picked up in LFR (WHY THE HE!! HAVE LFR, IF NOT FOR UNGUILDED CASUALS?! https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613552802 )…and bleh.

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Looks like we may have another one year expansion on our hands, boys and girls.

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One year is still too long.

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Gotta have patience.

Even if it takes another 2 expansions… or more.