8.1 Arms - Rage concerns

(Varrow) #1

I’m still sad about the loss of EP, but I can live with it. A more pressing concern to me now is how the rage flow of the spec feels. We had a few very notable changes.

  1. Execute refund nerf from 30 -> 20%
  2. A bug fix that no longer gives us a double refund when using Sweeping Strikes with execute

When you think about how often execute was being used with Sweeping Strikes in Uldir and the baseline nerf this makes a very significant impact to the flow of the execute phase. This was never exactly awesome, but combined with the bug fix on sweeping I think it’s a definite issue now.

The other thing is the new talent, Striking the Anvil, and if you look at talent choices that are not Skullsplitter or Massacre. Without the rage income from Skullsplitter and/or using Fervor or Rend AND increased Mortal Strike usage can shift the rage expenditure of the spec quite drastically and give you LOTS of downtime. I’ve always thought rend has cost way too much Rage under the BfA model and this is only more apparent now.

It would be nice if Mortal Strike costs less rage, not only to work better with usage of the Anvil trait but it would also let you keep using Mortal Strike in the execute phase (and would be a lower rage gcd, but still effective)

Anyway, I like a lot of what’s going on with 8.1 Arms but I think the Rage model now needs a good look over.