8.1.5 PTR PvP Updates

(Jdpp) #1

Looks like Trashcan may make it into this expansion.


I hope so I always liked Ashran.


Pretty excited to see Wintergrasp make a return!

(Myninja) #4

YAY better looking tree stumps to shoot through :rofl:

(Jdpp) #5

They will probably patch in holes for us to make it make sense.

(Myninja) #6

idk, thats to much reality for my fantasy world

(Silverbolt) #7

But what about Tol Barad??

(Shadows) #8

So they are turning AB into a dungeon? :roll_eyes:


Holinka back indeed.

(Ladihoodwink) #10

Truthfully I’m excited for WG and Ashran. Being a BG with a determined start and end will change how Ashran felt. Before you’d just portal in and wait until an event started.

(Zaldren) #11

Actually it looks like they’re working on introducing TWO versions of Ashran. One shorter version for the epic BG Q, and then also a classic version similar to Legion. Exciting stuff!

(Bustacap) #12

Holinka is back in the hizzy fo sho

(Ephie) #13

Endless Epic Battleground, sounds neat–I’d love an old AV in the same vein. I couldn’t find Wintergrasp in the queue list, but there were two different Warsong Gulches, which was interesting. All this time I assumed that they were getting rid of the original WSG, having both would be nice.

Nothing about Tol Barad. Also the AI Brawl isn’t up.

The vicious black bonestead is in the collectables finder and it looks spooky.

Wintergrasp and Tol Barad achievements are still where they are on live. Ashran Achievements still seem to be Feats of Strength.

(Erelir) #14

Nothing but good news on the horizon :hugs:

(Tianhai) #15

Or get your mount hung up on.

(Afks) #16

Where is the sign up sheet??

(Raypugh) #17

Can’t wait until bgs turn into vs ai that way I can really quit for good

(Erelir) #18

Quit now- no wait needed


That’s called a glory hole.

(Raypugh) #20

The bg’s still have me hanging on by a thread man, just can’t let go yet.