8.1.5 PTR Development Notes - Jan. 23

(Kaivax) #1

We’re updating the PTR with a new build today, and with it comes several new things to test.

Many new quests are now ready. These include questlines for the Alliance and Horde War Campaigns, Magni’s future, and Hunters’ reunion with Hati.

The new Brawler’s Guild is now open for testing. There’s more to Brawler’s Guild this time around, with a mysterious new questline that’s slightly different for Alliance and Horde, in addition to the challenging fights.

We’re also set to take a look at two new micro-holidays: Wanderer’s Festival and Free T-Shirt Day. Please note that these may not be turned on at all times on the PTR.

Hunters should now see a visual on their target when they slow it with Concussive Shot. Marksmanship Hunters will see an improvement to Explosive Shot: it now explodes at the target’s location after 3 seconds, even if the target dies before the explosion.

Several class teleport spells have been updated to be better at returning you to a spot that is much closer to where you expect them to. The spells updated are Teleport: Moonglade, Zen Pilgrimage, Dreamwalk, and Death Gate.

This week, the PTR also has some updates to the new Allied Races. For Zandalari Trolls, Pterrordax Swoop no longer shares a cooldown with Goblin Glider, and all of the Zandalari embraces have been tuned down significantly. Both new Allied Races now start with riding trained (like other Allied Races), and Shaman should now see their racial totems on their character selection screen.

Thanks again for testing with us.

Brawl'gar Arena not working
(Kaivax) #2

(Abruek) #3

Should we take this to mean they’re made useless like the other Horde Allied racials.

(Varsity) #4

Yes. The alliance quacked long and loud enough about how horde racials are better that the devs had to satisfy them instead of using thendata we already have that quantifies how good alliance racials are in comparison.

alliance has some damn good racials. just a shame all of the good alliance players already went horde, so none left are smart enough to realize it.

(Alamara) #5

I dream the day you’ll write something like: “And this build also brings some improvements to old allied races, like new skins, hair colors and some other options. Check it out!”

(Bertimus) #6

Wouldn’t have been high on my priority list of things that need fixing for mm, but thanks for the attention I guess. When can we expect an actual class update build?


Have you noticed that hundreds of people can’t even log in to the PTR? Do you have any update on that?

(Liendell) #8

Maybe in a major patch. Class updates are usually tied to major patches

(Liendell) #9

Servers are down so they can update the ptr, of course you cant log in when there is nothing to log in to


What about the Zandalari Troll Racial - Regeneratin’?
Any adjustment or changes to that?

(Bertimus) #11

Class updates are the x.x.5 patches. That’s how it’s been for the last two expansions at least.


The issue I’m talking about is the one that’s been posted here for weeks. It hasn’t just been for today.

(Liendell) #13

The class updates we have gotten in BfA, if any were major patches, and in legion they were pre-raid patches. In Legion’s case the x.x.5 patches were pre-raid patches and it seems they have changed that with BfA

(Varrow) #14

So what’s the plan for class iteration this expansion? Is it going to be different from the Legion and the .5 patch cycle we saw then?

I find it really hard to believe you think class design is actually ok as a whole right now, so what are you doing about that?

Also the GCD change sucks massive balls, please revert ASAP.

(Bertimus) #15

There has only been 1 major patch and zero .5 patches. They said in q&a before release that the .5 patches were supposed to be the class update patches and the discrete number patches are content patches.


Nice hunter changes. Now when can we get hunter pet attacks to not stall when they cast? When can we do more damage to be consistent with other ranged classes? When will Marksman get more utility to put them in line with other range dps or with other hunter specs in general?


Now when are you gonna add more faces for Kul TIran males ?

ALso #NoMoreWands2019

(Jaheira) #18

Ok, you say that the Riding skill is in the PTR, but when I created a new Kul Tiran character, there was NO Apprentice Riding, or any kind of riding skills, in the Spellbook, nor at the Flight Trainer. Well played Blizzard! Well played!


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Race change to Kul'Tiran & Zandalari results in loss of riding skills
(Tiridan) #20

Having the same issue over here.