8.1.5 PTR Development Notes - Feb. 5

(Kagh) #7

Or Grimrail…

But yeah, Everbloom was cool. Not sure why it’s left out.

(Elenstelle) #8

I know it makes be a bit presumptuous of me…but when will we be getting to the class changes in this PTR cycle?




Any news on Worgen fixes yet?

(Varrow) #11

So are we just giving up on classes for this patch?

What about all the dead talents across basically every single spec in the game? What about the gameplay issues with Enhance Shamans and Arms Warriors? What about more utility spell and movement gcd reversions? What about the expansive offensive cooldown changes to make those gcds feel better?

Class team has a lot of work to do. It’s not all gravy.

(Kaivax) #12

I’ve updated the OP! Sorry…

Yes, Everbloom is featured in WoD Timewalking. The list above is now correct.



Yay! Hopefully I’ll get to play in that one, didn’t get a chance to while I was leveling.


I don’t understand how places like Slag Mines makes it to the list, but the most iconic train dungeon isn’t…like…this is like every other timewalking the worst dungeons are picked and the ones people had least fun in.


uh, Grimrail Depot is on there.

Edit: No wait, they replaced it with Everbloom, NOOOOOO!!! Take it back!


Check again


eye twitch


Well lets see where to begin. Mage Tower Portals still feel like an afterthought. Ironforge is missing (Edit: also missing Blasted Lands and Stair of Destiny, Outland portals.) I checked Broken Isles Dalaran sub-portal room and all that’s there is the Wyrmrest temple one. Need to restore Caverns of Time and Karazhan portals at the very least. I can see why Shattrath isn’t needed since it is now available in Stormwind Mage Tower. But definitely restore those others in Dalaran, or add them to the Mage Tower. Whatever happened to that design philosophy two years ago about making the travel convenient? Especially since you make us wait so long for flying each expansion. I do not approve of the recent changes, which seem deliberately done in order to increase the time sink.



Grimrail. Depot. Pretty. Pretty. Please.

(Svenska) #20

Gods why… Hated that place.

At least fix the skips.

(Marakurta) #21

O good now I can recollect the good times at mounting up and taking 10 mins to try to skip trash :slight_smile:

(Kagh) #22

Thank you. Everbloom was awesome, and Grimrail pushed me closer to motion sickness than anything else in the game. :neutral_face:

(Pizzadahutt) #23

Please fix the exploits in Everbloom where groups would jump up the cliffs to skip the trash. If you can fix that, then I would be ok with Everbloom, but otherwise please replace it with something else.

I do not want to go back to groups spending time jumping up cliffs and using multi-person mounts to exploit their way past trash in Everbloom like pretty much every group did when it was current.


Counterpoint, don’t fix this apparent thing.


im glad WOD timewalking is on the PTR but I cant believe they completely forgot to turn on the event so we can test it.


Is it within the realm of possibility that the No Realms Available bug is going to be fixed? 8.1.5 PTR has been out a month…