8.1.5 PTR Developers’ Notes

(Varrow) #23

blizzard plz, worst change ever.

(Sëliciä) #24

Hopefully you guys actually listen to the feedback and actually transfer the game from beta to live with this patch, and actually fix existing bugs currently on live servers along with any testers discover in the new content being introduced with this patch. I think people are really getting tired of bugs from alpha/beta/PTR making it through to the live servers. Also I hope since this is the start of the technical testing of the core game features, you’re looking into addressing the latency issues we’ve all been having throughout all of the BFA play zones including the new reworked arathi highlands and darkshore zones. Also work on the suggestions brought up in the island expeditions feedback discusion forum post “[https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/feedback-island-expeditions/17615/1]”

(Sëliciä) #25

Yes it was announced at the 2018 blizzcon that flight would be added sometime during patch 8.2

(Dessalen) #26

I hope we will be able to get Ashran Rep tokens or from the Epic Battleground possibility, sitting like 4000 rep from Exal sucks. :c

(Sëliciä) #27

I agree I hope that the reworked ashran zone will continue to provide the rep it did during WoD so those of us that need the rep to finish out the faction thru exalted

(Eldrìtch) #28

I certainly hope there are some major class changes coming down the pipe. Aff locks still run deathbolt in literally every single scenario in the game and we are useless in pvp without inevitable demise. Content is great and all but I will refuse to play it if my spec is still a 3 minute cooldown bolt spamming shadow mage.


the biggest concern right now is the iron horde wolf. will it cost timewarp badges or will it be a dungeon boss loot?


i hate this , i can play 24/7 still wont get any item i really need

(Vixie) #32

This. This completes my xpac.

(Argent) #33

Nice. I would love to see some posts/blogs that direct players to testing specific things during specific builds, get some focused feedback going.

(Solarwynds) #34

When was Raiding with Reins announced?

Gee why not tell us how you really feel?


So um, I think you guys should definitely throw in some new class changes maybe??


Anyone know why I can’t log into the PTR? When I contacted Blizz they said the error with no realms meant it wasn’t live. But people are playing, and obviously it’s live. So why am I getting this error? o.O


I was having the same issue as well… Well slightly different where I was logging in but realms were offline then not being able to log in at all. I tried Uninstalling and re-installing and it did nothing at all to fix it.


Quick question, are we not getting skinny Kul’ Tiran anymore??

(Myronas) #41

Class changes when?
Delete Rental Gear system when?

I long for the day when I get excited for a patch, instead of thinking to myself “oh look, more patch concerns from Blizzard that completely ignore the core issues of the game and side step them so erroneously that one would be forgiven for asking whether or not this website even truly existed, because here we are with yet another craptastic ridiculous patch to further compartmentalize the already minuscule playerbase.”

Thanks Blizzard, we know you listen, thats why we have such great communication!



And yet blizzard and wow still has the largest actual player base currently out of any company. Go figure.

This era of whining babies is entertaining.


Thanks for delaying the new races to the point where I don’t even care anymore. Was really hyped to make a KT druid but this late in the expansion switching mains is too much of a hassle. People came back to BFA for Zandalari/Kul Tirans. If you were smart you would’ve given us dark irons and maghars at a later date and given us the races that were core expansion features at launch, unless you’re just trying to string us along to bleed more months of sub-time from us.


I’m still waiting for blizzard to announce that Warlords of Draenor timwalking will be unlocked…


But for the story, it would require the new raid to see how we form the Alliance between KT Humans and the Alliance