8.1.5 Class Changes

(Thaco) #44

they need to stop putting abilities in the talent tree and make them baseline. the talent tree should be for improvements or style changes not required things you are to lazy to put baseline.


imagine the absolute mental gymnastics it took to decide who gets to keep/talent/lose their artifact ability from legion

(Masoschism) #46

Yes, the mental efforts to throw darts at a dartboard for BfA class design decisions must have been exceptionally trying.


I can’t even begin to say what’s wrong with classes! Looks as though the development teams only purpose is to push people way from the game.
Please insert multiple cuss words here.

(Ninjo) #48

Destro Lock Nerfs, UH DK Nerfs, WW Nerfs? Or just buff everything else. Hogwarts meta sucks


I cannot believe how little the DK has been changed in this patch. Look at the unholy dk, has the most resources to monitor and literally worse single target dps in the game.


Couldn’t agree with you more! You nailed it with this one!

(Bigdiggles) #51

What I am afraid they are going to do is add new artifact traits with the Heart of Azeroth necklace. They have announced that there are changes coming with the necklace that may include such changes.

But here’s the issue. When classes aren’t balanced and you address it via a system that is going to be removed at the end of an expansion, the fundamental class design issues will eventually return. Remember Legion?

Why not just take the time to fix the baseline kits for classes, and not just have them propped up by artifact traits?

(Ladihoodwink) #52

Isn’t this the truth.

(Masoschism) #53

I agree completely but would like to add; it’s not just what is baseline, but the talent trees as well. Every class as far as I know (at least the ones I have played since BfA) has previously baseline core abilities tied up in either the talent trees, the PvP talents or both. In some cases there are previously baseline abilities in almost every tier. And in many of those cases, they are the only talent taken because they are fundamental to the spec.

Talents should enhance the spec, but it should play perfectly fine without any talents. Maybe not terribly exciting, but still playable. This is currently not the case, which is why you see so many talent tiers with one talent being taken > 95% of the time.

I’m not really saying anything that you aren’t saying, but I am trying to be more specific in my grievance.


IF they don’t address classes and talents but stick with the rental system in patch 8.2 there is going to be push back IMO.

(Naros) #55

That good, but you mention class and the vast majority of the community feedback isn’t about a single class but rather about given specializations within that class.

I am pretty confident that a vast majority of players can pick any class and find at least one specialization they resonate with and find somewhat fun. But just because the vast majority can do that doesn’t constitute that the class itself is fine and doesn’t deserve the class design team’s attention.

There are some specs that have provided thousands of posts about problems and ways the designers could improve the QoL of those specs and they have literally gotten nothing to maybe a small fly-by tweak that didn’t amoun to anything meaningful – all the while other specs have received repeated attention by the designers patch after patch.

So kudos to you but I frankly don’t share your sentiment – not anywhere close.

(Naros) #56

We can only hope but I seriously doubt it’ll make much difference if there is. People will simply realize the writing on the wall and call it quits. Then whe 8.3 happens they’ll re-sub, check out the new content, realize why they un-subbed in the first place and vanish again not to be seen until 9.0.1.

I’d like to be optimistic about 8.2, but if history has taught me anything its that I know which one of my hands will be full first and it won’t be the one with hope.

I’ve personally solely stuck around in this game for my guild and after how abysmal raiding has been this expansion – I’m fairly certain that next expansion will most likely not have me a subscriber.

I frankly have no confidence that the designers will or even want to fix the underlying problems we’ve provided feedback about for nearly a year and half at this point. It’s hard to justify sticking around and feeding my hard earned money into something that doesn’t seem to care about its player base.


I agree.

They refused to fix classes throughout BFA alpha. I doubt that changes in the next expansion alpha. At this point they need to ensure 8.2 is that turning point for this expansion or the bottom falls out.

(Phatymcdaddy) #58

They have something planned for the neck similar the legion artifact talent trees, and that is about as much as we can hope for in 8.2. I can see them adding things in there to flesh out enhance, but it’s just a bandaid until next exp and we lose artifacts again. Back to square one =(