8.1.5 Class Changes

(Zeldris) #21

Hoping for some Frost DK PvP only buffs, we’re fine in PvE but in PvP we’re complete garbage. We have decent survivability, buuuuut that goes away as soon as we’re no longer able to spam Death Strike (Range, CC, no more runic). I would say that we barely even tickle people but to be able to tickle people we’d have to be able to remove their absorb shields and that’s a no-go


That would be nice, I’m starting to love my Unholy DK in pvp but I would love to try out Frost again if they can make it work in pvp.


I assume they are holding off on major class changes until they are done designing whatever the necklace talent system is going to be.

(Bull) #24

they usually do a balance pass the first week of mythic, fingers crossed for guardian and vengeance tank buffs. It would be nice to see more tanks then monk and dk in the new raid.

(Ladihoodwink) #25

Another reset and no communication.


I think the biggest problem of this expansion is the fact that the Devs don’t recognize that there is a class design problem.

(Frista) #27

The devs need to realize these class designs are just… Not it all. We need major class changes cause if 8.2 doesn’t fix it or ATLEAST make it somewhat better im outa here

(Varrow) #31

Forget 8.2 man, these changes need to be happening right now on the 8.1.5 PTR.

(Frista) #32

Agreed man honestly.


Yeah I talk with a lot of people and most are not sticking around till 8.2 for class changes. Until Acti-Blizz devs see what they broke and fix what they broken nothing else matters.

(Varrow) #34

When you look at class design in BfA there is one massive word to sum it up. Inconsistent. Which makes you question the devs immensely if they can’t even be consistent in their philosophies, before you even begin to worry about balance. Should be embarrassing.

GCD Change

Massive inconsistencies since day 1, that only got worse with the 8.1 “changes”. From the beginning, Rogues got to ignore most of the GCD changes. You removed raid cooldowns like Bloodlust, but not Rallying Cry or Darkness. Some Bear tank defensives were off GCD, while all other classes had them added.

You look at 8.1, like half of the movement abilities in the game are still on the GCD. The other half are not. Zero consistency. You removed Ignore Pain from the GCD, yet reactionary abilities like Hand of the Protector are not.

You specifically mentioned at Blizzcon that you would be looking at both movement AND utility gcd reversions. Yet as mentioned you were inconsistent as heck with the movement stuff and you did not change a single utility spell.

How are we supposed to believe you know what you’re doing when you can’t even implement a terrible change consistently? When you can’t even be consistent in changes you announce on stage at blizzcon to the cheers of the crowd? It screams amateur and lazy.


So this is the other thing that is inconsistent as hell. You remove a talented AoE stun option from warriors completely. Yet Demon Hunters to keep their baseline (and longer) stun? You remove things from other classes, but you give Demon Hunters a raid buff? Demon hunters have an immunity, a CC, an aoe stun, a raid cooldown, a raid buff, absurd survivability tied to an amazing dps cooldown that’s up all the time.

Rogues got to keep their immunities, and self heals, they got to keep abilities (offensive and otherwise) off the GCD that other classes did not. Other classes got self heals removed were rogues and DH did not.

Crucial artifact abilities related to resources and game flow were removed from some classes and not others. See: Enhancement Shamans as a prime example.

I don’t understand how this is acceptable, it should be embarrassing. Let’s not even get into the topic that the GCD change is horrible in general, and most class design is heavily criticized. We can’t even get into that because amateur hour designers can’t even be consistent in these system changes that are “for the long term health of the game”

Simply ridiculous.

(Bluedrop) #35

6 months in and I’m still not used to or happy about the GCD changes.
They were unnecessary and not asked for class changes that have slowed down gameplay to unfun levels

EDIT: You’re also right about the pruning and what i hate most about that is how we’ve been told that it was necessary to help balance classes better. And yet class balance is in the gutter right now with some specs completely dominating every piece of content and others are doing poorly or completely not viable

(Ladihoodwink) #36

I like how they have nothing to say about class design, won’t even bring it up.

(Kahsteel) #37

“NO we want paladins to be a melee healer, but we want the raid to keep large spacing for every fight. If we make it decent for pve it might be overpowered for pvp. Since it is a paladin and not a priest, rogue, or mage we can’t risk that.”

------probably the attitude of the average blizzard project lead.

edit: Don’t even get me started on the GCD changes. Nothing says exciting like slowing the combat down every year.

(Varrow) #38

It’s really dumb that they won’t talk about classes at all. Definitely lots of poor gameplay and the GCD change definitely still sucks across the entire game.

(Galadhir) #39

I gotta be honest here, Blizzard has never liked Warriors. Ever.


Just saw the patch notes for restro shaman were finally doing ok in mythic+ and what does blizzard do nerf our 1 good azarite trait lmao


They are scared of a public backlash.

Sad but true they have gone into shell mode.

(Sifu) #42

They said there will only be minor tuning that’ll be trickling in during resets. Basically what we’ve been getting lately.

Won’t be seeing any major changes til 8.2, probably.


If it is considered a sunk cost to address classes at this point in the expansion that is a shame.