8.1.5 Class Changes

(Ladihoodwink) #1

How about some dialog on the single biggest problem of this expansion.

(Abruek) #2

Surely they’ll do something, r-right?..

In all honesty I don’t think they understand how dissatisfied the playerbase is with classes right now.


I know shadow just got a little bit of love in 8.1 but…I am still trying to figure out why Shadow Word: Death is not baseline anymore? That would be a class change I would enjoy for 8.1.5.

(Ladihoodwink) #4

Same for MM Hunters who lost Kill Shot and its not even a talent anymore. That was a major staple of our leveling and PVP forever.

(Varrow) #5

Blizzard loves to put your baseline abilities in the talent tree, it’s fun

Seriously though, class design as a whole in BfA right now is a steaming pile of dong. It needs serious love in this patch, and they need to not wait until the last second to throw a bunch of random crap on the PTR and say “sorry, but we can’t make any other changes now”

(Majyka) #6

I have to agree that it is sad to see no mention of class changes in this patch. As the OP noted, class design is by far the biggest failure of BfA, and it remains awful.

Personally, I’d put Arcane mage as the worst designed spec in the game now. Almost all it’s talents and Azerite traits are simply a choice between AoE or ST, something Blizzard has said is bad design. Yet, almost every single talent for this spec is exactly that. No ability to AoE from range - and this is a ranged spec. Overly simplistic rotation where over 70% of your damage comes from pressing a single button - Arcane Blast for ST or Arcane Explosion for AoE.

Just using this as an example of how bad class design has gotten in BfA. Really hoping they increase/improve their class design team. Sooner, rather than later.

(Khalessi) #7

i wouldn’t expect big class changes if any until 8.2


Looks like there’s some class changes

(Zeldris) #9

Don’t expect massive changes until next expansion, sadly…

(Ladihoodwink) #10

So far only PVP talent changes and minor number tuning.

(Beefköw) #11

Those changes are already live.

(Nøz) #12

Dung. But, a steaming pile of Dong would actually be worse.


I dont either tbh, I’ve leveled every class to 120 at least once and found them to be more fun than they were in Legion.

(Ladihoodwink) #14

Are you saying classes are more fun currently in BFA than at the end if Legion?


I cannot believe that you think all classes are better now than they were in Legion.


Looking forward to one of these two scenarios:

We’ve decided to just remove this spec as a whole. Truthfully, we kind of forgot it existed and we cannot think of any ideas on how to make it less lackluster than it is in its current state. However, Jaina will still have shiny new Arcane abilities because you know she is master mage and all.

(Mingz) #17

I don’t think they have a clue why the player base, at least in the forums, generally hate what the new dev team has done to classes this xpac. They are very out of touch and again very silent and refuse to come to the official forums and interact with us. (Blue CS reps do NOT count because they can’t do a thing to actually fix the game.) If you (blizzard employees if there are still some left) are not an actual developer then your opinion and feedback does not mean much to me as a player because you cant do anything.

(Abruek) #18

I’d still wish the CMs would actually talk with us more, I’d feel if they engaged on more thread discussion we wouldn’t wind up with situations of balance confusion and changes that make classes feel terrible to play.

(Ladihoodwink) #19

So far no mention of Class changes.

(Hasylla) #20

I find it difficult to describe all of the things I find wrong with class design, especially arcane, without lots of snark entering into what I say. I’d suggest the CMs and devs start by going back to the beta and pre-patch posts to get some idea of how they could start fixing this.

I do not understand how a pay to play game with as many players as WoW can do such a bad job as this with class design. The only reason I still play arcane is because you have yet to fix the server side lag that people have been telling you about since the servers went live. All I have to do is spam one button for much of the fight and it does not matter if I get hit with lag. How is that engaging game play?

By the way, stop with this foolish attempt to redesign classes each expansion. This expansion has shown such a plan is a failure that leaves classes feeling like crap for half an expansion. Stop making our characters feel weaker as we level through devaluing secondary stats. You probably need to revisit the idea of why secondary stats make characters feel better while primary stats do nothing for qualitative game play. While you are at it also revisit the idea of a base duration global cooldown that gets reduced by haste but gets diminished each time a character gains a level.

I expect this from a development team that is still working through an alpha or beta build of a new game. I do not expect this from WoW’s dev team with over ten years worth of data and feedback to iterate on.