7th legionnaire's warhammer

the 7th legionnaire’s warhammer will not drop. Been doing the rares since it started on my monk and shaman… why the drop rate this ridiculous?

Hey brother, I feel you. My mail wearing toons have been farming Arathi for the epic 7th Legion mail boots and been getting Sweet Fred Astaire.

You can also get it out of the 7th Legion weapon/equipment emissary cache (and I think the faction assault cache as well). Just make sure your loot spec is set to melee dps on those agility classes.

Doesn’t the Nazjatar intro quest award a bunch of the alliance themed weapons? I seem to remember getting a whole bunch of unlocks on my paladin and shaman.

I have been banging my head against warfronts for the plate shoulders on my paladin and the damn GLAIVES on a DH alt. Its maddening.

You can use a one-handed sword and transmog it to a glaive. :man_shrugging:

It does. But I don’t remember if this specific mace was one of them.

And wowhead doesn’t list the weapon rewards, for whatever reason:

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Yeah, but I NEED the Night Elf themed glaives from Darkshore. Been killing all the rares and doing the warfront everytime its up. They’ll only drop for a DH so.limoted on my attempts.

So, the glaive look you’re after is one of the nelf warfront sets.

Yep, the droprate is awful. Good luck.

Welcome to the club. Still hoping for them T3 gloves, boots and helmet while burning my 316th belt, 128th bracer and 297th cape for warmth.

What makes it worse is I have 4 plate classes chipping away at the arathi warfront stuff, soon 5, hopefully 6-8 by april 20th (nope, I’m not crazy!)

There are 2 beginning quests that give 7th legion items as reward. One quest rewards the dagger or axe and another one rewards a piece of armor. Not a bunch of quests, just 2.