7/10H 235 havoc DH LF mythic guild

Current raid team is disbanding, so I’m looking for a new group! Looking for a group that will push into mythic after heroic prog is done. Availability is Mon-Thurs, 8pm to whenever.

https:// www. warcraftlogs. com/character/us/thrall/xtrasauce
Btag: Vaevictis#11390
Discord: granthony#1969

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dont save her is looking for more players to add to our roster, raid times Tues, Weds, Thurs 8-11 pm EST, currently led by 1/10M and 8/10H SoD players. If interested add Fruity#11155

Add me on discord 1/10 M 8/10 Heroic SoD Goosefraba#3619 looking for some additional raid team members raids are Tuesday-Wednesday 8pm 11pm Est. Thursday and Saturday are optional extra days same raid times.

I’m going to toss you a Discord add–I know this post is over a week old but if you are still looking, I would like to talk to you about my guild Loot Goblins.

Our Copy-pasta:

**Guild & Server:** Horde – Area 52
**Times/Days**: Sun/Mon 9PM-12AM EST (8PM-11PM CST)
**Current Progression:** 1/10M, 7/10H SoD
**Requirements**: Previous mythic experience, reliability, positive progression focused attitude; you will be subject to a log and personality check as we are looking for **CE oriented players**; to help speed up the recruitment process, please be ready to link your logs and/or give us the name and server of the character that you are applying with

**Needs:** *Warlock, 1-2 healers , DPS DK, Havoc DH, Arms Warrior*

Additional information: Optional runs through normal happen regularly, loot is dispersed in a fair manner that helps to best benefit progression, members run keys and pvp; Discord and some add-ons are required

If interested, please reach out to one of our contacts:
Okashiro#11455 (Bnet), Okashiro#2856 (Discord), and/or Tencarus#1244 (Bnet), Tencarus#0544 (Discord)

We wish you the best of luck on your adventures