70 Boost Renown Boost Issues Hotfixed!

So there is a current bug going around and I’m trying to determine if it’s affecting only some of the people or if it’s affecting everyone using the level 70 boost.

The level 70 boost comes with lvl 20 renown with the major factions. The current bug is the renown does not apply to your account. (Hoptfixed)

**UPDATE: It was hotfixed but still broken :frowning: **

It wont recognize progression past 20. Does the 20 but not anything past that. Purposely got 21 for the gold scale unlock but nope

UPDATE: BOTH Problems are Fixed. This was Hotfixed bit ago

There might be a time delay before it takes full effect. Try restarting the client.

No it’s not a time delay it’s a confirmed bug and I’m just trying to determine how many people it’s affecting. If its affecting everyone who did a boost we should get a fast fix if not it will be slow


After reading about the renown issues with the level 70 boost, I’m just going to wait it out until things get fixed.

Best of luck to everyone who used their boost for the quick renown catch up, hope it gets fixed quick.


Its affected my account as well there is no longer worth of an ally as a buff. Its really halted my game play because I wanted to catch up on my main.

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Wise move.

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FYI, I’m on the Discord server for the Altoholic addon. And when the addon pulls data for reknown levels, the boosted characters are not actually showing the reknown as existing even though it shows up if you click the reknown button. It’s definitely a bug with the boost itself. They tested with someone that actually has 20 reknown on everything and it showed, and the boosted character does not show that they have any reknown. It’s really weird.

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A better question is how long will we go without a fix. At the moment they are selling broken items for 60$ they need to lock it on the store

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The boost you buy on the store does not include this, only the boost that comes with the expansion pre-purchase. The boost you buy on the store works fine.

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Got you. Someone else in another thread who bought the 60$ boost from the store said it did so I was going off that. Its just sad a GM told me a fix was going out with 10.2. But it didnt

Yep it’s definitely not fixed yet, some people on the discord server are still testing boosted characters and it’s still not fixed.

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I haven’t used the boost yet but I’ve heard this is buggy.

Hey, I am a latecomer to this expansion and the boost would actually help my main (I know) who has low rep scores and has a ilvl at 400 or just under. But they’re level 70.

What happens if you use the boost on a character that is already level 70?

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I haven’t prepurchased the expansion so I can’t test this, but I don’t believe you can use it on a 70.

That would be unsurprising but too bad. As a latecomer my main who has been my main since late Wrath would benefit the most from what the boost offers.

I haven’t preordered yet either but I guess the boost might just hang around unused like my other boosts. I don’t really want to throw it at an alt who might be forgotten by TWW. I tend to rotate what my alts are. A lot.

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Cant I tried :stuck_out_tongue:
So I boosted the only class I didnt have. A Dragon. After I did the starting zone ofc

We’ve now deployed a fix for this issue, as well as a cleanup process.

Going forward, the bug should not affect anyone anew, and if you’re already affected, simply log out and back into the game on any affected boosted characters.

Thank you for your reports!


You’re a saint. Your communicating with us is appreciated and hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Hallelujah! Thank you so much for addressing this so quickly and keeping us updated!

My toon (Lunamoonsong) is still affected even after logging out and back in.

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Mine does not work either

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