7 games - 1 hour each

(Isuckatmage) #3

I don’t think blizz expected it to go so late. We’re the casters commentating for 12 hours?

(Saltmasterx) #4

They were commentating for 11 hours and 30 minutes

(Efx) #5

The end of Legion and beginning of BfA into Blizzcon, I was so hyped for these arena games. First BfA cup sucked because of tank trinkets, but I feel like the pacing got better after.

I barely even tuned in this time. Every single game was so boring, I just couldn’t force myself to watch them. The only one I liked was The Move reverse sweeping as RPS. Also helps I like Pikaboo I guess.

Hopefully the devs take note from how bad this was, not to mention chat telling them how boring it was, plus us here.

(Yveltäl) #6

Jesus nerf rdruid


lovely, I could be doing something more productive than watch 11 hours of excellent gameplay.


Great variety of comps, I think RMD needs some buffs.

(Saltmasterx) #9

sub def needs buff nerf the other two classes


? sub is fine dude we been through this

(Wolloolloo) #11

Yeah, that’s the answer for high damp games, right?

It has nothing to do with lack of consistent dmg outside offensive cool downs, excessive self-healing on dps specs and high off-healing capability from hybrids. Yep, nerf druids back to the ground and watch another healer pick up that spot and drag the games to 60%+ dampening…

I’m sick of people crying for nerfs on resto druids when there are other 50 broken things. Yes, resto druids need adjustments, but nerfing only one spec to the ground won’t fix anything.

Sure, in a slow paced meta, druid is the best healer as they are designed to survive high dampening games, but nerfing druids alone will not fix the game’s pace. If it’s balance you seek, more has to be done on top of tuning druid’s heals.


Trash pvp devs need to buff most classes sustained dps

(Exalter) #13

This just really shows how much the devs do not know about PvP and how to design/balance it. Dillon instantly knew (and I’m sure he’s not the only high caliber player that did) that these Rdruid buffs would cause this. Ther are tons of other issues they have been pointing out as well before and after the Rdruid buffs.

I know there’s a lot of idiots that legit think these tourny players should be made lead pvp dev which is ludicrous, but they honestly do need to hire some as consultants. Dillon literally spells it out for them on how to fix PvP on an almost daily basis in posts here for free but they are too proud or clueless to take his advice.

Even aside from how bad the game feels for everyone with pacing like this imagine thinking it’s ok to have employees commentating an event of yours for 12 hours 3 days in a row . Imagine if a football game was 12 hours long and the broadcasters had to sit there commentating on it. Then they did it the next day as well. And then the next. That’s borderline abuse lmao.
Holy moly. They all have to hate that job by now.


Blizzard actually hired Talbadar to help balance pvp. He was consistently a Blizzcon level player and it doesn’t seem that they really take his input into account.

(Dokgo) #15

This AWC was unbearable to watch.
Nobody wants to play nor watch high dampening games.
A Rogue/Mage vs Walking Dead leading to 50% dampening… What is this even?


Even walking dead was played with an rdruid

(Saucerboy) #17

Did anyone end up getting Ziqo a glass of water?

(Isuckatmage) #18

Pretty sure he was hired on as a tester not a pvp consultant. They should look at talbadar for advice though, he always had good advice even wanted nerfs to his own class when it was op.


really hope blizzard sees how toxic it is to land a kill. when your not a destro ww spriest. or can dampen to 80%


but u play rogue mage ?


i baited this answer congrats you lose


I am a winner :slight_smile: