7/9M All class Tank looking for CE guild


I am a veteran progression player from Vanilla onwards. My current main is a 418 Prot warrior, my monk is the worst geared at 407, Druid 414, Paladin 416, DK 410, DH 413. My only kill on Mekka was on my DK as I was responsible for gripping. My guild died shortly after that due to officer burnout and a lack of recruitment going on. The next guild I tried was working on Jania and we got her to 50% before the officers decided to call it quits on raiding.

I enjoy raiding and wish to continue to do it at a high level. I have pushed CE in almost every tier since HFC but I missed Nighthold before the release of tomb due to the guild I was in at the time having the raid leader quit due to a new job. I am always willing to swap tanks tactics or whatever else is necessary for the guild to progress as quickly as possible. I don’t care about my parse as long as I can help maximize the guilds damage overall and help others get as much DPS as possible out.

I am currently looking for a new home that is a good fit for me going forward. I am looking for a guild that cares about clearing content in a reasonable amount of time and takes their progression seriously while still being able to have a good time. I will play any and all tanks and will continue to keep them reasonably geared.

I am free to raid any weekday starting at 5 PM PST to 2 AM PST. Weekends are out of the question as that is family time and I will not commit to anything there although from time to time I will be able to attend events on the weekend.

I have no preference between horde or alliance but I would prefer to stay on a high populated realm. I do also prefer to have a guild that is very active outside of doing M+, PVP or Achievement/Mog Hunts.

Please contact me on Bnet or Discord as I do not watch the forums and most replies here will be missed

Bnet: Drastix#1114
Discord Drastix#0782

Thanks for reading my wall of text and I hope to hear from interested parties soon.


friendly bump, didn’t fit our times, talk to this boi


Thanks for that

(Wonka) #4

I added you to real id we would be very interested!

Parasomnia on Area52 is recruiting competitive raiders committed to personal improvement, as well as contributing to a professional and collaborative team environment.

Raid times:
-Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:30pm-12:30am PST (12:30am-3:30am EST)

Team Goals:
-Mythic Progression with Cutting Edge as the goal.

  • Currently 6/9M

About Parasomnia:
-Our team leads have CE experience from previous tiers/expansions, and we are looking to develop our team this expansion focusing on personal and raid progression, and most importantly team synergy built on the foundation of trust with like minded individuals.

Team Expectations:
-We expect all raiders to hold themselves to a high standard of Professionalism, Progression and Collaboration between team members.

-We expect each raid member to contribute to the greater well being of the team. This means coming to raid prepared each raid night with their specs fully optimized (simC/Raidbots/Pawn/Stat Weights) when it comes to gems, enchants, talents, consumables and are using the appropriate add-on/weakauras to ensure you are performing to the best of your abilities.

-We expect each team member to come prepared knowing the strategies for each boss before entering raid by taking a look at strat/kill videos/warcraftlogs replays.

-We expect all raiders to be able to take constructive criticism well so they can look into their own logs/wowanalyzer to improve their gameplay wherever it is needed.

-Wonka#1307 (Discord Wonka82#8402) - Recruitment
-Cmplex#1798 (Discord Cmplex#6174) - Team Leader


Relinquished (7/9M BoD & past CE experience leadership) Horde / Illidan / US. A newly formed guild: Our mission is to build a team for 8.2 and beyond with high CE potential.

Raid times : Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 9:00PM - 12:00AM EST (8:00PM - 11:00PM Server). We do not add raid days or extend time. With the possible progression exception. While multiple specs / classes are not necessary, they are highly desired and will add to your competitive value. However we do welcome all alts!

Currently looking for Heals & Ranged DPS to build out our core (All other exceptional players will be considered). We look for raiders who have past/current CE experience, those who are currently progressing through or finishing M BoD, and other exceptional players!

Our raiders are expected to hold a near 100% attendance; but we understand real life comes first. Your attendance will be associated with your raid spot, and those who frequently miss should expect this to effect your spot.

Community means a lot to us! As a guild we seek people who are active outside raid times. From M+ to PvP, Old Achievement runs, and just plain old discord toxicity there are many ways for you to engage with us!

For contact: Btag - Berzzerk#1338 or srdb#1102. Discord: Berzzerk#4516 or Whatsfordin#0375.


Still looking

(Lolmaru) #7

if you can push your raid time a bit earlier you can take a look here. otherwise gl with your search! wowprogress .com/search?q=step+dad

(Tandris) #8

Hi Drastix,

<AfterLife> of Blackrock Horde has an immediate, desperate opening for a Tank/DPS. These are core spots in our mythic raid team and if accepted you will be raiding right away. We do not recruit for the bench

We are a stable guild of 11 years with good core group of raiders. We always persevere through rough times and enjoy ourselves while raiding.

If interested please contact me directly (Tandris#1799) or any of our officers (see end of post).


9/9M BoD - US 216 | Pre-nerf
8/8M Uldir - US 194 G’huun

7/7M EN - US 200
3/3M ToV - US 200
10/10M NH - US 300
9/9M ToS - US 236
11/11M Antorus - US 228

SOO - 14/14H US 305
ToT- 13/13H US 230

Raid Schedule/Attendance:
Sunday: Off (With alt raids)
Monday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Tuesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Wednesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Thursday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Friday: Off night
Saturday: Off night

Leadership/Contact Info
The guild is led by a group of players with typically very high attendance and performance that have been raiding with the guild for years. We’re all very approachable and get along with each other well:

Tandris - - - (Raid Leader/GM)Tandris#1799
Geezpow - - - Geezpow#1332
Amorisse - - - Amor#1426

Thank you for considering AfterLife!