7/9 mythic healer (MW or HPriest) looking for Horde guild for 8.2

7/9 mythic healer with near kill on Blockade and pulls on mythic Jaina looking for a full time position for a healer in a Horde guild. Currently main as a Mistweaver Monk for Battle, but have been a Holy Priest main up until this current raid tier. Willing to play either class full time. Need a guild that ends by 11:00pm EST during the week or ends by midnight during the weekends. Neck is maxed on BOTH healers, working mic, logs available for monk, etc!

I play a slew of other games too, work on all alts (All the other heal classes), bring own mats to raids/will help stock your guild bank, etc

NOT looking for Alliance or raids that go past 11pm EST…

Hello Xaligha! I’m the GM of a new guild on Area52. We’re horde and raid T/TR 8-11pm EST. I’ll leave my recruitment information here for you to browse. if it sounds like something you’d be interested in please let me know!

Thank you for the info folks!