7/8M Tank LF 3day alliance CE oriented guild


I’m gonna keep it fairly short and sweet.

Long time tank and progression raider dating back to BC. Played a Lock through Antorus(9/11M) and Uldir(7/8M). Ran a rogue for Zul pre nerf and my BDK for Mythrax. My BDK is 384eq with a 1400 io. My BrM is 5days old and will be BfD geared by release.

I am looking for a Guild with the CE goal. I can play either tank at a mythic level, however would prefer to roll the monk main as I will be pushing keys with him as well. Unfortunately I haven’t had a CE due to my prior military service. Given my new job, my schedule is fairly flexible. I would prefer a 3 day, non weekend, 9-12hr a week guild. Alliance preferred.

I can link some logs and whatnot for you to review should be you interested.

Discord is the easiest way to reach me