7/8H 430 Fury Warrior considering transfer, RP

Hello all,

I am what the title says, and considering transferring here as I’d like to dip my toes into RP. I did so a little years and years ago, but haven’t in awhile. I am quite creative, a D&D player, and a hella good raider. Retired former hardcore raider.

I’m looking to get a feel for the server, what I should expect if I were to go horde, and what, if any, raiding guilds would be an option to me. Raiding is my primary reason to play WoW, I’m looking to add RP as my secondary!

Feel free to ask any question you may have, I love answering them, meeting new people, and all that stuff!

For a little background: I’ve played WoW since 04, though I quit at the end of MoP, returned for Hellfire Citadel, then quit again for Legion. The quits were due to major life changes, such as getting married and new jobs and whatnot. I’ve raided almost the entire time, at every level from casual to server/world class. I’ve also played Everquest from 99 to 19, off and on, and raided the entire time on that too.

Look forward to chatting!


(P.S. Idk why it says I’m 116 and in on the forums. I am most definitely 120!)

I don’t know much about raiding guilds but there are definitely a few that are pretty active. The RP scene for horde side is really great on this server. If you decide to come over we’d be glad to have you! :slight_smile:

There are a handful of guilds on WrA – especially Hordeside – that push heroic and mythic. is the only one that’s coming to mind at the moment, but I know there are more whose names I’m blanking out on. Some have recruitment threads on the forum here, so I recommend scrolling through, and also checking out this thread in particular:

There are also many RP-centric guilds; but while some guilds focus on both RP and raiding content, most emphasize one or the other.

Most storyline-driven RP, with long-term character relationships and campaign arcs, is going to be guild-based. However, there are walk-up RP and public events to be found outside of guilds, usually with a casual/social focus. A lot of public events get advertised here on the forums, so check the first page for those as well!

As far as random walk-up RP goes, you’re most likely to find it (if playing Horde) in a few districts of Silvermoon (especially the Royal Exchange), and in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Honor. Those spots are rarely completely empty, but they seem to be most bustling around 6-9ish PM server time.

Be aware that you’ll almost never find walk-up RP in Warmode, so if you tend to have that turned on, turn it off when looking for people to RP with.

Also, I sincerely recommend rolling a low-level alt to check out the server environment for yourself, in a few different places at your usual playtimes, before you make the decision to pay for a transfer.

Is there any specific race you’re planning to mostly play, or a theme of RP you’re interested in? Like adventure, criminal, political, slice of life, etc?

Edit: Links are hard, guys.


I think my goal would be to join a raiding guild and RP on the side. Knowing myself, I’ll never be happy without raiding. RP is more of the siren’s call, so to speak.

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