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It is interesting to see Horde players guess where Alliance players spend their time in cities and vice versa. I don’t know my way around Orgrimmar, but if I went there, I’d probably look inside the auction houses.

And there you go tossing words into mine. Nothing you described outside of gear is exclusive to ‘endgame’ PvP, you see that in twink brackets in low level groups too. And ‘endgame PvP gear’ used to be, drum roll please, PvE gear! Again, until they introduced a unique spec-line, so yes. PvP was always secondary to PvE.

Also I never suggested to ‘get rid’ of PvP. I suggested ways to make it make sense in a cooperative world. You’re, again, the one that’s mad that no one showed up when you wanted to PvP. It’s not an obligation.


Gear, Titles, rating, recognition, mounts, and the general act of PvP.

Literally the exact same as PvE minus a scripted boss encounter


But why should PvE be an obligation for PvPers?

The allies must all be out there with that 100% and 30% WM xp boost on their mechaTirans.

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alright now do it in boralus

you wont, i double dog dare you



Just putting this out there:

OP is standing exactly where I landed on my way in to kill an auctioneer for the Legion mount (on my server, obviously, not his). And it was exactly this deserted when I did it. Until, of course, I stealthed on over to the AH.

I would also venture that things are a little more lively over in Boralus than Stormwind, so if you really want a fight, OP, maybe you should go there?


I’m not saying it should be! I don’t PvP unless I’m literally forced into it. Resilience as a stat meant literally nothing to me, but it helped the PvP scene and that was good. It also differentiated the two worlds because PvP gear in PvE content was garbo, and PvE gear in PvP content was bad too.

Blizzard should allow folk to level via PvP if they want. It was a good system they implemented that made sense for people that only wanted to be cutthroat and adversarial. But PvP has always been the side-game to PvE. Otherwise, the game wouldn’t have LEVELS.

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The more you say this the less credibility anything you type has.

People get something called post expansion burnout. It happens with a lot of games and it happens with every expansion.

But if I was you answering this I would say “u mad u play on ded server bro”
then add some reddit-y catchphrase like “stay classy friend” or something equally cringe and cliche.

PvP is not integral to enjoying the game. PvE however is. You have to level. You have to interact with NPCs on your faction. You have to get gear. Until the PvP-centric path was offered, you HAD to PvE to get to your PvP heights. Bare minimum, you needed the Flight Paths, which if you PvE’d, you’d receive over the course of questing.

PvP was never the core of the game. It was a diversion from the very start.

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And it shouldn’t be

I mean, I’m sorry the Resilience stat got nixed? I’d totally be down for PvPers to have their own exclusive path of advancement, if only to spare PvE from the hiccups that are caused when players start fighting.

i probably still have a few rogues parked inside a few of your auction houses and near your banks lol…i gave up on wpvp…this opt in opt out crap is silly. all we ever needed was pvp and pve servers, and on pve servers you could still toggle it


evidently forum peeveepee over feefees is higher prio

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There’s no difference though, outside of having the ability to toggle off PvP if you’re having a particularly bad day or there’s a squad camping you hard.

I see a moocow person in SW! Do I get a cookie or do I still have to find Waldo?



That’s just on your server.

On my server, it’s pretty busy, both in SW and Boralus.

Sucks to be you.

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Low pop is the new high

Edit: got mixed

sure there is, with phasing, and the ability to phase out run to town toggle off after you just beat the jeebies out of somebody and escape through a broken stupid system. back in the day if you were on pvp, you got in deep you were stuck in the thick of things by your own doing… places were dangerous to travel through etc

if you were a casual pvp person but hardcore on the pve you could go to those servers.

at one point in time believe it or not, wpvp was half of the game

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And you don’t see how that’s better in the long run? To be able to toggle out of WPvP if your leveling area is just being annihilated by a group or raid of opposing faction members? As opposed to losing a day just because some ubertwinks got frisky and decided to hit Darkshore or Barrens or wherever for an indeterminable amount of time?