6pm EST on a Saturday

Just look at all these people, great product keep it up

h ttps://imgur.com/eiaofd8

idk how to show images


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Thanks, bro

They were not prepared.

Tbh though I’d be scared to fight anyone with a Season 1 mog like yours. Now THAT’S experience.


‘Tricked out PvPer mad non-tricked out toons won’t fight. News at 11. Update on water: Still wet.’

Entire city at primetime hours won’t attempt to fight a single Horde, news at fruitloop-snowflake


You look so lonely there, all by yourself.

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What’re you supposed to do against an opponent that outgears you so badly? The difference statwise between an endgame 120 and a fresh 120 is greater than the difference between a Level 1 and a Level 120 character.

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Why do you keep implying that Alliance is so bad? I’ve been owned by plenty of Alliance in 1v1’s. You are so pessimistic against your own faction, it’s sad Ms. Snowflake

I was heading to work, sorry. Plus I hardly ever go to Stormwind. Attack Boralus.


Yes, because I play Alliance. stares at Pandaren 120, Tauren 120, Vulpera 120

Ayup, that’s Alliance right there mah dude.

Do you think endgame-geared characters are just rampant? Not everyone really cares about pushing to the end. Some focus on alts, others decide the post-game grind’s not worth it, others still are just waiting for the new expansion to drop so the squish happens and quest greens outclass current epics.

Bro I’m not even that geared, i didn’t even play last season and didn’t come back off break until about a month ago.

You still have half a million HP. That’s well above the curve.

Even IF faction pride were still a thing, the result would be exactly the same. WPvP isn’t going to happen if both sides don’t agree to it AND both sides don’t feel up to it.

If you don’t like pvP, then whya re you even here

Because World of Warcraft isn’t a PvP game? It’s got elements to it, sure, but overall the game is extremely PvE-centered. Since Core.


I lvoe how RPPVE’ers dictate the outcome of PvP.

It is both a PvE and PvP game, otherwise it wouldn’t have a choice. Go back during development with your time machine in the early 2000’s and tell them to stop.

I mean, yes? You’re mad that people aren’t PvPing. Because they’re PvEing. Or off doing other things, maybe RPing or whatever.

You have dedicated PvP options if you’ve gotta sate that bloodlust. Arenas. Battlegrounds. War Mode. The problem for you I suppose is that you need people to opt into it now instead of just ransacking some poor sap that happened to cross your path.


Want game, OP?
You just got an invite. Go where the players are.

They don’t give any benefits to defend and most SW people are sub 120.

I’ve leveld a couple alts to 120 with warmode on the entire time and never encountered any wpvp

I went around both new contenants and couldn’t really find anyone either. if neither of those have players and a city doesn’t during primetime hours, where do I go during my 10-20 minute BG queues?