6month sub mount

I know for some cray reason they don’t let you set up a 6month sub with B net balance, which is very stupid. but if I pony up my grocerie money to get the 6months and boost it to over a year with bnet balance will i get future 6month mounts without it charging RL$? since my game time would never officially fall under 6months. or do they surge an 80$ charge every time there is a mount and force it into your gametime pool esentually making bnet balance worthless because they will shove these 6 month subs down our throats endlessly?

That would be due to Balance not being able to be billed continuously. It is a finite monetary unit (there are limits to how much you can have) and therefore can not be billed on a regular basis. It is no different than pre-paid cards (which also cannot be used for subscription fees).

Blizzard Balance Restrictions: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/25904

Managing a World of Warcraft Subscription: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/32539

Also, if all you want is the mount, just purchase it on its own from the Shop for $25USD, which you can use your Balance on.



They want the active subscription number to rise. So, very, very cray.

Not really. Say battle net balance was allowed for subs. What percentage of people do you think would keep their account “charged up” so that when the billing date came around, the sub fee could be subtracted? I believe the percentage would be significantly below 100%; some people can’t even be bothered to keep enough money in their bank account to cover a sub fee. Now they’re going to maintain battle net balance too?

That’s not a shareholder-worthy scheme: “We’re gonna trust 'em.” Nope.

Also see: people with active subscriptions to [random service] who are using said service tend not to cancel immediately. Business psychology.

Only if they remove the requirement to have an active subscription to get the mount. Again, that’s what they’re after here, subscription numbers. I know this because common sense tells me if it’s a requirement of theirs, it’s some kind of a goal. They wouldn’t add the requirement arbitrarily or on a whim.

No, if you actually had an active 6-month recurring sub, you’d get these mounts for free, assuming the promotions stay the same.

Not at all. Battle net balance can be used for month-to-month game time, funding a second account for RAF goodies, buying mounts, pets, toys and character services, gifting the game to someone else, buying the digital xpacs for yourself, and more.

That’s a bit hyperbolic. No one is “shoving subs down [your] throat.”


  • Sub with a credit card, or
  • Buy the mount separately for cash, or
  • Use gold to pay for it. Two tokens will cover the mount, that’s about 240k right now.

You have options, some of them quite easy ones. That’s literally the exact opposite of a company “shoving something down your throat.”

Just sayin’. Good luck.


Ignoring the spin of “using grocery money” (if that’s the case, maybe take a look at your priorities), no one can really guarantee what the next mount promotion will be.

A couple promotions ago, it was for a block of game time, but if I remember correctly, existing time did not count and you had to purchase a full block. The previous and current promotion is for subscription time, and if you had a six-month subscription already from the previous promotion, it needed to still be active (as in, you didn’t cancel the subscription since January).

But that doesn’t mean the next promotion will be the same.

You do realize that you can just buy the mount from the in-game shop, right? It doesn’t have to have anything to do with your game time or subscription.

Battle.net Balance is not worthless at all. It is simply not available for subscriptions (never has been), and thus, not available for this promotion. Not sure why this is such drama in your world, but these rules are not new.


so sounds like that yes if i had not cancled since the rat mount and fed the fire with bnet balance this would have been free but since i cancled i need to drop rl$ or drop a premium to use wow tokens. since they have done this 3 times in a row and subs are so low and only wow classic is keeping the game afloat im guessing they will kee doing these so just want to be prepared for the next one

If you kept game time going on your account before the sub had kicked back in, but kept a 6-month sub, then yes you would have qualified.

Your options would be to pay up front for an additional 6 month sub (not a block of game time, that won’t do it), buy tokens with gold to convert to battle.net balance and buy the mount directly with balance or lastly, buy the mount directly with real money.

Last I heard, subs weren’t low. In fact, last quarterly my understanding is that they were up significantly. Nevertheless, your guess is as good as anyone else here as to whether or not they’ll do another promotion like this again in the future.


Don’t spread misinformation please.


Please don’t use made up information to support a false narrative, Trailoffel.

Yes, promotions like this are there to boost sales/subs, that is what marketing does, though I don’t see how encouraging folks to buy time in blocks that actually reduce the overall monthly cost is a bad thing. That doesn’t make it a desperate attempt because subs are low. They aren’t.