6/9M Dev/Aug LF CE Guild S4 an beyond

Aug/Dev (DPS) Evoker LF Like Minded Guild to PUSH CE for S4 and beyond. Current Prog 6/9M.*

Have multiple CE’s (X9) From Multiple Xpacs. Will do research on fights/if I’m under performing look up what I’m doing wrong to improve. Will Bring Food, Flask, Pots, Ect to raid. Prefer a gulid that has been around a few tiers at the minimum thanks!

Prefer a guild that is organized and raids no more than 2-4 Days a week. 7-16 hours a week max.

Can raid Any Day, would prefer during the week but can do weekends for the right guild. 9:00PM EST - 3AM EST.

If interested add my below contact info thanks!

Real ID: nerdragin#1825

Discord: nerdragin25

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Naughtytime here! Back with more Raid recruiting for my guild! Recruiting friends and homies for the future!

IMPORTANT - 6/9M at this time in AtDH. 11% smoldy at this time. LF DPS/HEALS
I am the GM/ RL of The Alliance guild, Exclusive Outcasts (EO) on Kel’thuzad. We are an AOTC/ mythic prog guild! This guild is over 5 years old. We earn AOTC every patch, and normally had casual mythic prog. CE is the current goal of the guild at this time!
Vault 7/8M
AtSC - 8/9M
Current tier - 6/9M

We raid Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 - 12:00 AM (6:30-10 server)

We are currently having healer burn out. Healers is our top priority at this time. Soon as we fill that role, we have a stable 22+ people. Also looking for DPS to push and compete for a spot on the team. Along with bench/filler team members for when we have attendance issues. All sports are earned, never in stone. This guild is a mature/ dark humor atmosphere. We poke fun all the time, but we can snap back into focus immediately. It’s important to have a good/fun atmosphere but be able to focus up when the going gets tough or its time to game.

Tanks - Two main tanks are set. Off tanks for mythic plus.

Healers - This spot is needing some help right now. Looking for someone to step into a core spot!

Dps - Ranged DPS/ not going to be picky. If you can perform, we are chilling!

We run keys nightly all week long, all you gotta do is ask for help! we have had multiple people achieve KSM and push into higher keys(20+). Mount runs and achievement runs are planned and completed when brought up! We are in discord nightly having a good time! :sunglasses::sunglasses: Excited for you to join us!

Contact me at my battle net/Discord or just comment on the post :slight_smile:

Ty - Naughty#3575

The rich and lonely are recruiting . We are a mythic progression guild and currently 6/9 mythic. We are looking for players that enjoy pushing keys and raiding. Our raid times are 8-11 pm est Wednesday/Thursday for mythic and tuesdays for heroic 8-11 pm est (optional). Our guild is made up of a great and diverse group of people ! We are mostly 21+ and like to have fun while raiding and pushing keys. We are open to recruiting all classes and specs/roles for mythic plus . Spots on the mythic raid team are limited and will be based on performance as well as class/comp. If you are looking for people to run mythic + with or would like to raid with experienced and strong players we are the group for you. If you are interested contact me on here or our officers through discord : GM - billdobaggen -RECRUITMENT OFFICER- Deadlypinup1182
Don’t hesitate to reach out hope to hear from you !

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