600 hours of RP walking

We’re on day 25 ingame, something like 60+ irl days, of RP walking. So far so good! I’ve made rank 3 in pvp. RP walked every single piece of content so far and I’ve found that I still haven’t become insane. My plan remains. RP walk every piece of content without dying, and thanks to my guild for supporting me, I’ve managed to accomplish that thus far! Here’s hoping the next 600 hours go just as well! :heart:


One of the most dedicated RP things I’ve seen on the server.

Pro Tip: If you’re a Paladin & see Tiny walking somewhere, give the man blessing of freedom so he can stretch his legs :slight_smile:

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Tiny, I am so impressed with this…you deserve honor for the commitment! Roll on Tinytraveler!

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