60 geared fury warrior LF transfer

Hello all, I am 60 fury warrior looking for a new guild with no loot council drama. I am am looking for a guild that raids morning/afternoon any days of the week. I am an experienced wow player that as been playing since WoW vanilla alpha (2004) Willing to transfer as we speak. Thanks.

Choose another server. 2:48 PM and the queue time is 82 minutes. We don’t need you, but good luck in your search.


It’s a great server something is always going on just moved here myself and the que is well worth the wait. Don’t listen to all these selfish players who try to dictate their needs over your own.

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whitemane is full, go away.

You don’t speak for the entire server he is most definitely welcome just not by people like you.

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Are you talking to yourself?

No just putting you in your place.

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Spoilers: you still aren’t wanted here

What is personal wrong with you to be such a toxic person I wish you the best and hope things improve for you.

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I’m having a great time. Whitemane is still full though, and nobody wants you here.

I have seven guildies who want me here thank you. Please try to not be such a horrible person.

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we dont want them either, just to clarify.

That’s fair most of the gaming community doesn’t want toxic players like you but still have to put up with you.

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nah, most people agree with me that we need absolutely zero new transfers here. sorry thats not the sunshine and butterflies answer you wanted, but that’s the reality when you choose to shove your way into a server listed as full with 4+ hour queues.

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Other people are not going to kowtow to your needs don’t like transfer or quit. Spoilers you are not special you are like everyone else.

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Thats great and all, but you still arent wanted here. Whining about how its not nice to say that doesnt change reality. :woman_shrugging:

Oh I don’t give a hoot what you think just saying don’t like it leave that’s all. You are not welcome here as well.

Your dozens of replies to me throughout various posts in this forum really drive home how much you ‘dont care’. :joy:

Just wasting time on you someone has to take out the trash after all.

and ultimately, you’re still not wanted. lets be real, hunters in general arent wanted, least of all random ungeared transfers.

please, tell me more how you dont care. I’m all ears!