6 Looking for Guild

We are transferring to the server this weekend and are looking for a guild who can accommodate us break down as follows
3 - rogues
1 -lock
1-Preist (healer)
1- hunter
All mature and in gear that is within current raid tier (BWL) in various number of pieces Experienced raiders, most from first days of the game. All have 99% + raid attendance. Are laid back and general fun to be around, most enjoy PVP also.

If you can use some great guildies and raiders leave me a message lets chat.

Good luck and Happy hunting all.

Mob Mentality is recruiting to fill up our second squad. We are the child of two guilds that merged and have so many raiders that our team is bursting at the seams.

If you wanna chat more let me know! We have cleared all current content!

Message me on discord benJAMMIN#8592

Thanks man I know you have talked with Cata … I gave him my personal feelings on it.