6 hour queue on Whitemane

… and the queue started at 11am pacific.

Server transfers are not going to cut it here, Blizz. Just turn on temporary layering until this pandemic is over.


And disable paid $25 transfer to full realms


I’m sure the transfer process isn’t instant. I mean some tech guy has to initial the actual transfer, update databases and logs. It’s a whole process. Let’s check back tomorrow.

No, it’s a script. Why do you think you can get a server transfer at 3am?

I’m sure they higher customer service and tech support overseas. Blizz is a multi billion dollar company after all.

Plz come to AR, We will love you, long time.

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Transfer off Whitemane bro! Why continue to run to the forums and complain. Blizzard is allowing free transfer yet people refuse to move their characters it isn’t blizzards problem anymore it’s a player base problem.

this video should explain it.

the first time i saw it my life changed…

Well, to put it simply, the entire guild has been on Whitemane since launch. We are very much tied to the community and have many friends outside the guild around the server. Why Blizzard didn’t lock paid transfers to already full realms escapes me.

Interesting story though: we have a member today who took the previous free transfer to AR when they first offered it way back in the day. He actually paid to transfer back to Whitemane later because AR turned into a ghost town. I guess just take that as it is.

In all seriousness though, transferring due to a temporary thing like a pandemic seems pretty extreme (unless you are a solo player with no relationships to lose). Once people go back to work and regular lives start happening again, the queues will come down again. Moreover, I fear for the other servers who have less of a population as they would probably be hit worst by it. Just my opinion though. I’d rather sit in a 30 queue each night than struggle to find 5 people for a strath run.

There’s no win-win picture here for big guilds on WM

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I transferred here why should other be locked away from friends when you can just leave.

Why would Blizzard lock paid transfers to it blocks friends from joining the same server. It’s better to open transfers and let the players who don’t want a long queue leave.

Cross posted from here: Free transfer options are an insult not a solution

As Guild leader of one of the Largest Successful Horde Guilds on Whitemane, I can only say that this is insulting and not even relief for the 6-7 hour queues we face now because of Covid-19;

I cannot convince my raid teams to xfer to a dead server. Allow Free xfers to all nonfull servers and close xfers as the recipient servers fill up with a period of notice so guilds/friends can get there.

The solution to overpopulation is not force onto dead servers.

To provide a lip service non-starter solution is infuriating in the face of the public crisis we all face.

and before the forum band wagoners start piling on, yes we chose a large server, but we could not have fairly anticipated the pandemic locking our entire nation down and starting queues at 11 AM that extend for the entire play period.

Practically, as a Guild anticipating server xfering we have to not only consider the different traits of a new server but also have to sell that xfer decision to our player base. Almost no Raiding Guildleader, no matter how charasmatic will convince to xfer to servers like the 3 proposed for whitemane.

Just because we don’t want to play on a server with 14k active players doesn’t mean that our players are willing to move to a server with less than 1k active players.

Give us a real solution now Blizzard for the #coronaqueues.

#coronalayering is better than the current alternative…

Here’s an idea if you are afraid of multiple world boss kills just implement a system like retail where they won’t appear on all layers but disappear/can’t be engaged if currently engaged or killed.

Real solutions for our real crisis please!