6 Friends looking for a home

add me @ Basedgod#1650

9/9N 3/9H

Faction: Horde
Server: Area 52

We’re looking for talented players who enjoy progression for our Heroic+ Progression raid and casuals for our guild casual raid. We are a mythic raiding minded guild though, and we run M+s throughout the week with each other.

About us:
We have a solid core of officers and have been getting AOTC on heroic since WOD. Most of us are working professionals. We consider ourselves mythic progression raiders. We hit 3/8 Mythic on the first raid on BFA and are looking forward to the challenge of defeating Lady Jaina.

Raid Times:

-Guild Casual Raid-
Thurs 9:30PM-12:00PM Server time

-Heroic+ Progression-
Sat/Sun, 9:30PM-12:30PM Server Time

What We’re Looking For (But NOT Limited to):

-Heroic+ Progression Raid-

*Ele Shaman

*Resto Shaman

The average ilvl of the Heroic+ Progression raid group is 400. The ideal candidate would be no more than 5 item lower - however, we will consider other awesome players. A positive attitude is required because this is a chill group. We screen all likely candidate’s logs and raiding history and a two-week probationary period before you become an official raider with the guild.

Raider Expectations:

  • Be on time.
  • Know your class thoroughly and have the confidence to give and receive criticism on your class.
  • Be comfortable having your warcraft logs reviewed and feedback given.
  • Know your role for a boss fight for each and every boss.

What you can expect from the Guild

  • Professional Staff
  • Leadership to wrangle 20 people from all over the world together to take down mythic bosses
  • Raid Flasks and Potions
  • Professional non-hostile raid environment
    *Fun people to talk to and goof around with

Loot is personal except for BOE’s which the guild uses to pay for cauldrons and other expenses. Everyone is responsible for prepots/mana pots, however the guild makes these available at a subsidized cost. We have a system to roll on unwanted gear.

Additional Info
We use discord it is required.
Some addons are required.

If interested, please whisper Zoobi#11504, Raxah#1345

[A] SACRED of Baelgun-Doomhammer(US) Stable guild that has been raiding together for 8 years, looking for dps to push for CE in BFD.


Uldir: 5/8M

BFD: 9/9N 8/9H 2/9M

*****We are always looking to recruit any exceptional dps *****

WW Monk
Ele Shammy
Shadow Priest

About us: We are looking for players who want to push high end mythic content but don’t want to raid on a hardcore schedule. We subscribe to the philosophy that less time playing doesn’t mean less effort or success. We believe that the time we spend dedicated to raiding every week is something important to all our raiders, and we will put that time to good use progressing.

We expect all our raiders to be prepared for raid nights by doing adequate research on the fights we are attempting. Flask and feast are provided.

To us, the most important aspect in a raider is having strong raid awareness. We value raiders that want to execute the fights correctly while still being able to put out the damage and healing needed. We do not want raiders that are going to ignore mechanics.

What we can offer you is a guild full of good friends that will push into mythic content. We can offer you a guild that doesn’t raid on a Hardcore schedule but will be sure to use our time effectively to progress to the best of our abilities. We can also offer an active leadership who is open to suggestions and constructive feedback.

Raid Schedule: Tues/Thurs/Sun 6:30 to 9 PST/9:30 to 12:00 EST optional night Weds (Invites 15 minutes prior to pull time)

Applicant Requirements:
*A stable internet connection and a computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently.
*18+ years of age. We are a mature guild, no kids please!
*Logs that demonstrate raid awareness and knowledge of your class
*Discord with working mic
*Dedication and Reliability. Show up consistently on time. Minimum raid attendance is 90%.
*Open to constructive feedback on performance.

Think you would be a good fit for us?
Feel free to fill out an application at http:// bit.ly/2xZ1dPU (Remove the space after the //) or Contact one of us in game via BattleTag:


Greetings, Stormydan! I’m the GM for Subject to Change, a horde guild on Turalyon.

We’re a newer guild and our raid team could use a boost. I’d love to talk to you more about giving us a try. Our community is thriving, but we need more numbers for the raid team. This would be a chance to invest in a community early on and help us achieve greatness. :slight_smile:

We’re a social guild first and foremost - we love running content together. The community is friendly and welcoming and a pretty amazing group of people.

I’d be happy to give you the guild discord info, if you’d like to join and take a peek (you or the rest of your friends).

Get in touch with me if you’re interested! Stormy#1692 on bnet, or Stormy#9150 on discord.

I think i have the perfect guild for you guys, add my bnet and lets talk

~~ FunkyTurtle#11594

Type: Semi-hardcore progression
Progression: 3/8M Uid
9/9N 3/9H BoD

Legion Raid Progression:
7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare: Mythic Cutting Edge
3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor: Ahead of the Curve
5/10 Mythic Nighthold
4/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras
9/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne

Faction: Horde
Raid Times:Times:
10:30pm-1:30am (PST)
11:30pm-2:30am (MTN)
12:30pm- 3:30am (CNT)
1:30pm-4:30am (EST)

Nocturnal>a late night guild that has been raiding since Ulduar is currently recruiting experienced, and perspective raiders to help fill out our roster.

Be on time
Have Discord for voice communication
Have installed the required add-ons
Prepare for raids outside of raid times (repairs, food, flasks, potions etc.)
Know your class and raid mechanics outside of raid times

Add-on List:
Deadly Boss Mods
Angry Assignments

Please contact coltongrundy#1258

Don’t know if you decided yet, and can’t imagine I will be what you are looking for, but I just created or BFG for short, and if you guys are interested in leading as much as raiding, I need a strong core of people to build from. Currently Horde on Dalaran server

Btag - Poppz#11379
Disc - NoPantz#2177
Add me if this is something you would like to be on the ground floor of and we can discuss what you are looking for in a guild to see if our styles will mesh well!

Hey Stormydan,

We have multiple core spots available, we’re a newly formed guild which was created 2/7/19. Check us out.

Meters Over Everything are newly formed guild looking to recruit the following classes and roles; Raid times are 8:30-11pm EST Tueday/Friday

Healer Priest ( Any Spec)
Shadow priest
Boomkin, Resto Druid
Shaman Dps/ Resto Shaman
Any Mage specs
Demon Hunter

If you have strong situational awareness, know your class , and enjoy raiding in a friendly environment, then we might be the place for you! Feel free to contact Dojawar (djcipher#1336), Charlie (Charlie#13641).

About us:
Meters over Everything started with a group of IRL friends looking to extend our group through WoW. We all are exceptionally good players that have always raided with the highest preparation possible. We look to help people, but also expect that you know your stuff and come prepared like anyone else. Just remember to have fun this is just a game and not a company or military academy. Attendance is very lenient, let us know you can’t or don’t wanna raid that night is no issue. It’s not a job it’s a game.

Current Guild progression with new roster began 2/8/19, currently have 1/9M 4/9H 6/9N, will start Heroic runs on 2/12. Most of us have at least cleared 3/9H with some having cleared all bosses on Heroic. We will be looking to clear this tier on heroic before next tier release. If this sounds like the type of environment you would like to be part of shoot us a message.

If you are still looking, hit me up, we have two raid groups on thrall horde side and need more! Lathander#1319

You guys find a guild yet? BTAG Morpheus#1478 hit me up

hey add my btag Benis#11842 actually getting something interesting going that would be perfect for you guys!

Hey there,

Looking to see if you’ve found a fit for your group. We have lots of potential to fit in with our group that’s located on Horde - Illidan. BTag Saiyaku#1609 if you’d like to chat.

The Flaw is a 1 day a week heroic raiding guild looking for additional members to add to our ranks.

The core of our guild has been raiding together for about 6-7 years in mostly high end mythic capacity. We only focus on Heroic level raiding and maybe get our feet weet in Mythic towards the end of tiers and spend most of our off raiding time pushing M+ keys.

We raid Wednesdays from 8pm-11 CST.

We recently had a few players step away from the game and our current needs are:

Melee DPS:
Death Knight

Range DPS:
Boomkin (Resto OS a plus)
Shadow Priest


Brewmaster or Blood BK.

If interested post below or you can contact me via Bnet Xenocryst#1593

I’m the GM of Infectious over on Thrall (Horde). We’re currently 9/9N 8/9H(should be 9/9 this week) 1/9M. We raid Weds/Thurs 830-1130PM EST. We could work your healer and all DPS into our team, DK tank we don’t have room for right now on the raid team, but if he can DPS or is willing to be a backup we could possibly work that out too.

When it comes to Mythic raiding with us we rotate our roster to ensure everyone gets their raid time and their Mythic kills. If you would be interested in us or knowing more then add me on bnet: RAMatSCG#1943

If not, then good luck!

I won’t sit here and bore you with our guild history to stretch our epeens. Chances are you’re here looking for an escape from those horrible horrible pugs you’ve been in lately…

We accept all, and keep all unless your exceptionally bad, just have thick skin.

Our plan is to grow to have a solid raid roster of people who despire for progression, who can play their class to a competent degree, and who WANT to do these things.

Raids are 8:00pm - 11:00pm server (EST) Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also have our optional days usually on Wednesday or Sunday.

If you’re interested in joining, we are ALWAYS recruiting any role and would love to have you join us! We are always looking for new friends to join us in the laughs of the guild we have developed over the years!

What we’re looking for: Ranged DPS, A consistent tank , and any and ALL exceptional players

What we expect: We expect 90% attendance. Things come up, and sometimes you have to miss raid, we get that, but we are looking for dependable raiders. Additionally, you must be able to learn from mistakes and continuously strive for self improvement. Coming ready to prepot and wipe on progression content while maintaining a positive attitude is a must.

If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to us whisper any officer in game.




add me @ Basedgod#1650

We are an old guild always seeking friendly active people. We are a raid guild that focuses on having fun while killing bosses. We also do pvp and mythics. Oriel#1933

Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9:25pm-midnight CST…

Hey Stormy,
If you are still seeking a guild, we can accommodate all of you if you would like to check us out on Illidan.
Quantum is a newly formed guild (BfA prepatch) of friends with the goal of clearing heroic each tier, pushing keys, and having a good time together. We are a smaller roster (2/3/6) looking to expand for easier clears and possible light mythic prog down the road.
We raid tues/thurs 930-1230EST and are currently 9/9N 2/9H.
If you have any questions/interest, please add me on bnet and we can discuss it further! Val#12876

If you all would be interested in a Wens/Thurs team we would love to have all of you. We are on Thrall and run from 7:30 to 10:30 pm eastern time, the team make up is all early 20s to early 40s. We are pretty flexible with roles in our current raid make up. I am the raid leader and tank along side another officer, we are both able to flex into any role for the group. We also have a couple healers that can flex but are actively looking for another full time healer. Dps wise we have an open door since we are not mythic we are not being strict on what we have. We are currently about 15 or so people in the group and would love to get to 25. We are an AOTC focused team. Outside of raids we do a lot of M+ runs and the like. For those interested we may do some Mythic raiding on off days if people are interested in it. If you guys would be interested in talking more or trialing feel free to add me and we can chat.

Hey how’s it going I’ll keep it quick

  <Goonies Never Say Wipe> 

One day a week guild horde side on Zul’jin we don’t make raiding a job we raid Sundays 6 to 10 EST always get Aotc very loud and dysfunctional group of people we went 3/8 mythic last tier if your interested in talking hmu Mako#1649