6/9M 411 Havoc DH LF 2-day weekend


Hello, I am a seasoned player (been raiding since BC) looking for a real community to raid with. I am 6/9 M currently, 411 ilvl, and need a guild which raids on the weekend and has similar progression, I’m not looking to be carried. Have had a couple guilds just quit raiding in past 3 months so I am really looking for a home that will be around for a while without volatile leadership.
I am loyal, I come prepared for raid, and know my class. I also want a community that has things going on outside of raid like M+ groups. If this sounds like you, leave your speil and I’ll get back to you if your times work for me.


Vice | Horde-Cho’gall
6/9M BoD
8/8M US 324 Uldir
Fri/Sat 6-9pm PST / 9pm-midnight EST
Gub#1148, Breathe#1185


Hey, added Gub#1148 to chat.